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The banyan tree

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


The flight touched down, sending a sudden jolt through my body. I looked outside through the aeroplane window, the view of lush trees and vast paddy field was refreshing. I was happy, delightful, kind of felt reborn. The Pilot applied the brakes, I can feel the inertia which made me throw forward in the seat even after the 500-tonne flying-giant came to a halt. Same thing happens with the life. At the end,  all those beautiful moments which we enjoyed would be the one which will give us a reason to keep on going even after our lives become stagnant. When you leave your hometown, it would acquire an amount of nostalgia to it. Since I am a grown man and it is childish to be home sick so...... I could only feel nostalgic. Home is where your stories are born and it will get wings by the experiences we accumulate through journeys and after being tired of flying around for a while, you will have to go back to the place where you feel cosy , where you can be yourself, a place without inhibitions and that would be your HOME.