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The banyan tree

Thursday, May 17, 2018


He was amazed and perplexed, at the same time, by the portrait of a beautiful woman hanging from the wall. Those deep eyes are following him everywhere round the room, like a heat guided missile. He take a look around. Everyone in the room is doing the exact same, they are all looking at the portrait. 
He feels sad because now he understands what exactly happened to him,with her.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The banyan tree

When he came back, everything was different, a good kind of way. Tall buildings have risen above the ground , wide roads , big shopping malls, everything a modern city needs. People are flocking from all parts of the country. He felt good......Proud. But he can feel a hollowness amidst all these. That calmness and peacefulness he felt when he was a kid, is no more. Now all he felt is a kind of restlessness. All his friends were at jobs at different places. He felt like he is coming for the first time here. He feared that he has lost that connection with his home. He looked up to the sky.

Sun was beaming down from the sky and the air was hot. Both of them were walking around the town like it’s just another daily morning walk. The centre of the town is literally circle, built around an old temple, with acres of ground around it. The main road, circle around this ground and temple like a thick outline. They were walking through that vast ground. People were sitting, there were elephants roaming with their mahouts. Some were tied to the big banyan trees. They decided to sit in the shadows of a big banyan tree. 

He asked his friend, “shall we be able to sit like this again ?, I am going to miss this.”
His friend replied, “Me too, but I think, this place will bring us back here again. Our souls are linked to it.”
A cool gust of wind brushed over their hair, tousling it.

“It’s time, son. The ride is here”, his mother said. 
He snapped out of the thought. A big smile crossed his face. 
“Yes, mom, I m ready. “

He is ready to move on in his life. But he is sure now that the destination would be the same place where he has started, under the shadows of that banyan tree. He can see that his life is like the long road at the centre of town around the temple. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Card Tradition

Christmas have a special place in my life. I always felt that the weather is special and so lively during the time. A kind of peacefulness spreading all over. Such a happy time it is.

I have never missed a year sending cards during Christmas to my friends. It is one of my favourite activity during Christmas. I go to market, browse through the shops and select cards personally. I cherish doing this. My friends say i am just being an old tradition guy and nobody send cards through post now. We have online cards, Facebook and Watsapp for that. I agree with them, but by Sending cards this old tradition way, I am letting them know that I do care for them and they are worth my time. I guess this Christmas card tradition had started by an English man at 19th century. Anyways I would like to thank him for this fabulous idea. This tradition needs us to invest our time and love in the making of cards and letting them know that you are thinking about them at this time of happiness.

My wish for this New Year is that more and more people take up this dying tradition and spread happiness and love. i just want to tell the world that old traditions are still respected.

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