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Saturday, November 4, 2017


What happens when, one day you come to know that the person you were playing with, eating with, fighting with suddenly cease to exist. That’s a cruel reality every mortal have to deal with. The physical and emotional void it creates is unexplainable. Physically we cannot fill the void, so emotionally we try to compensate it by all know how we try to recuperate from our losses.

I believe that its almost impossible to be selfless. Whatever we do, we do it directly or indirectly for ourselves. Our emotions, we do crazy things to satisfy them. A week back, I happened to hear the worst news in everyone’s life, yes “Death”. Every one was sad to hear the news, me too. We all went to see the lady who had passed away. She was lying on the cold marble tiles, with just a white dhoti wrapped around her whole body showing only her ice cold face. It looked like, the death had captured her last emotion on her lifeless face. Everyone in the room put on a heavy, sad face. Then suddenly a little kid ran towards us laughing. The sound of her laugh was like water to a drought hit field. Her mother tried to hush her, but failed in her attempt. Then she took the kid away.

That little kid was right, I thought. Why are we sad ? There is no reason to be sad for her. She is already dead. She doesn't need your pity. She just ceased to exist from the face of this planet. Everything we have of her is in our mind. And we do all this...... condolences,sympathy,etc....... to satisfy our own emotions. To me a dead person is an “idea”. An idea with its own specific characteristics.Yes we are emotional beings and we are driven by our emotions. When death happens, it just happens, there is nothing you and I can do about it. 
As J.K.Rowling said in her famous Harry Potter series ,
"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love."

Monday, May 22, 2017

Ants, Me and MY Niece

They get into the taxi along with their wheel bags and suitcases. Taxi started to fade away as I looked by. It resembled a mini-truck stuffed with loads of sand bags. Hands came out of the speeding car waving goodbyes. I waved back at them. The summer heat produced a mirage effect, as the image of speeding car rippled.

Now, I am alone in the big apartment. My family, they are off to visit the home town. There is nobody to control me. I am free. It felt like you have got the password for someone else’s admin account.

That day, I left the office a little early. The work was as usual hectic and stressful. Metro transit is where I like to spend time. I read most of my favourite books on my transit. I have to walk for 5 minutes from metro station to reach home. On my way back home there is a small store running by an old man who has the most beautiful white beard I have seen, just like Christmas Papa, Daily, I wish to buy muffin cakes stacked in a beautiful glass cabinet in front of the store. They are small and gladsome. They always reminded me of minions, with not so yellowish colour, Kind of a different race of minions. It looked to me that they were trying to escape from where they had been caged and put to a public show. Now they have found their new master in me. I was so happy to take them with me. And so I did. I bought ten of them and it looked like they were cooing softly to me.

At home I put them on my dining table and made myself ready to be served by the minions. One look at them and I lost all control and took one from the bag and had a bite. It was a soul-stirring moment. Acquiring lots of self control, I dragged myself away from them.

First I need to get changed. I turned on my music system and instrumental music started to play. I like the combination of music and food. Both help you attain a transcended state. My mind is full of that tender taste of muffin which will spread all over my mouth when I sink in my teeth into them. ‘WOW’ it’s awesome; I muttered. And I ran towards the dining table.


Suddenly my phone rang. It was a call from work. What to do? and I decided to pick it up thinking what if it’s important?. And it took a while for me to wrap it up. After the call ended I hurried to the table, it’s been more than half an hour now.
The sight there broke my heart into little pieces and that little pieces started to turn red and anger consumed me.

A column of ants were marching out of the paper bag which held my favourite muffins. They have got my treasures. They were all over the bag and muffins. They have started to eat it from inside out. What the hell? How did this happen? I was dumbstruck.
This is injustice; you can’t invade my space like this and take away my things. This is my territory. I cried.
And in a moment of anger and excitement I tried to snatch away my muffins from them. The moment I touched, they all went crazy and attacked me. In a split second those six legged aliens were all over me. They were the Lilliput and I was the Gulliver. They were like wind, swoooosh.. you won’t even see them crawling up on you. They acid attacked me. The formic acid they produce is irritating. They were fully equipped. But I was not going to let go of my muffins, my treasures. I put the bag near a burning stove and tow the ants away with my hand. Many of them fried at the instant they came near the flame.



Yup, She is my niece, a 3 year old. She is the director and producer of the story. She wants the Ants to win. She chose ants over her uncle. I was in a dilemma. What now? If I refuse to budge, she will make my life miserable. She can cry like hell. 
Okay..calm down, here comes the twist. I didn't throw them to flames. Now I remember, what exactly happened, I told her and made some tweaks in my script. Okay, this is how it went down. their all-out attack I was so terrified and their acid attack took me off guard. I couldn't think of any ideas. I totally went blank. I was afraid. What can I do? I don’t even have nails and sharp teeth to begin with. They were all over me. They crawled inside my shirt and trousers and ears and nose. I had to tap-out. There is no other way for me. I had to let go of my muffins. I gave the ants an obliterating look. But they have already fallen into their marching position and continued what they have started, taking away my muffins. They all gone inanimate for a second like they were giving me a warning that "Don't you dare".

"My Muffins" I mumbled. You guys are lucky she chose to be on your side, else you were all dead. Nobody takes muffins from me.. NOBODY. She chuckled.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A trip to remember

Everyone likes to travel. Some travel alone, some with friends and families. It is engraved in our soul. Even the laziest of mankind needs to travel. The latter was a reference to me, of course. Traveling with friends are always fun. So me and my friend Vipin, decided to escape from the boring reality of daily office life. The main problem we faced was that he resides at Kerala and I am here in Delhi. After a long lethargic session, we decided to go to Sikkim, the land of serene beauty. We wanted it be a memorable one. we were like two kids who have got their hands on a new set of Playstation, we were at cloud nine. At last....... we are going to be alone, without any worries & responsibilities of the life. 
5th November 2016
It was a fine morning I was having a tea, reading the newspaper waiting for my turn at the bathroom.  My phone rang, it was him, Vipin. I picked up,
Me: Hi
Vipin: Hi, Where are you?
Me: At home, why?
V : We are going, right?
I get the hint of doubt in his voice. One can’t blame his tone, if you guys know us, our history. We have history of things going haywire whenever we plan something. In simple words, our plan never works. We are more of spontaneous type. We just do things as it comes by. No planning, only improvisations.
Me: of course, we are. There is nothing in this world that could stop us from going. COOL...Man.....
V : Okay, then. Bye, I am getting late for the office.
Me: Bye.
I was thinking how silly he is acting. Because I know this time we are actually going.
Most of the time I spend looking for cheap hotel rooms and flight iterineries. Went through lots of travel blogs and reviews about hotels and home stays.
 6th November 2016
My phone rang again in the morning,
V : There is no change of plan, right?
Me: No, stop worrying. There won’t be any trouble this time. This time we will break out of that bad spell. I tried to say it with conviction. I will book my tickets to Sikkim and you book yours. We will meet at Baghdogra airport. I will take care of our hotel stay there.
V : No way, I don’t trust you. You were never on time. You might as well leave me strangled in the airport forever. So I am going to book tickets for us both. No way that I am going to let you book yours only.
Me: [grinning] Okay, there is a point in your accusation. But hey, I am not always late.
V : I will book the  tickets for us both.
Me: Go on, then. I will take care of the hotel bookings.
 7th November 2016
V: I booked the ticket.
Me: Oh, Sorry I forgot to book the hotel. I will do it right now.
V: Forget it, I did that too. I know you.[he grinned]
Me: So nice of you. But still, you have to let me do things, okay?[I laughed]
V: Yeah, right...
Don’t you think it’s odd? I mean, things are going smooth. That never happens with us. There's always been a twist in our case.
Me: May be, those days are over. May be, this time our plan is going to work out.
[We were happy]
8th November 2016
This time, I called him. it was definitely a bad sign. I am starting to feel something bad is going to happen. He picked up on the first ring.
Me: You heard the news ? They banned the 500 & 1000 rupees notes. Now how unlikely is that ?
V:  Don’t worry. Its nothing major. We can always use our cards. Don’t lose your sleep over it. It’s not going to affect us.
Me: I hope so. But, I am afraid, is it some kind of a bad omen?
V: Oh, come on... . I’ve already packed my bags for the trip. Did you?
Me: No. ....not yet.
V: Then, do it. The day after tomorrow, we will be flying over mountains to the “land blessed by Gods”.
Me: Yes, I hope so.

9th November 2016
I was sure; he was going to kill me, because our trip is going to cancel. As always, office work came in between me and my freedom. We are like a kite. You think you are free to fly with the wind. But in truth you are tied to the ground. It just gives you a feel that you are free but you are not. You cannot run away from your responsibilities and duties. Those are the qualities our society demands from us to be a good social being. All social animals have that fear of society inside them. How much you tried to shake that off, it will remain in our sub-conscious.
I dialed his number with trembling hands. He picked up.
Me: I need to tell you something
V: What?
Me: I think we'll have to postpone the trip. And I waited for his response
V: WHAT?[He shouted], I am going to kill you.
Me: Yes, I know. My boss wants me to be there at the office, as something big came up. Some minister is coming for inauguration of our office branch.
V: No Way.... This is unacceptable. Take sick leave or something. I can't postpone it.
Me: Sorry, I really can't.[My voice cracked]
V: So, What about all that money? I booked our tickets and hotels. You know my father is not Mr. Ambani, right? [sarcastically]
Me: There is a refund option, right?
V: Yes of course. Thanks for your information. But when you come home , I will definitely be there to receive you, this time.
His words still reverberates in my ears like a temple bell sound. He will make it sure that this would be a trip to remember. My homecoming would be a memorable incident this time, if you know what I mean...?