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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Card Tradition

Christmas have a special place in my life. I always felt that the weather is special and so lively during the time. A kind of peacefulness spreading all over. Such a happy time it is.

I have never missed a year sending cards during Christmas to my friends. It is one of my favourite activity during Christmas. I go to market, browse through the shops and select cards personally. I cherish doing this. My friends say i am just being an old tradition guy and nobody send cards through post now. We have online cards, Facebook and Watsapp for that. I agree with them, but by Sending cards this old tradition way, I am letting them know that I do care for them and they are worth my time. I guess this Christmas card tradition had started by an English man at 19th century. Anyways I would like to thank him for this fabulous idea. This tradition needs us to invest our time and love in the making of cards and letting them know that you are thinking about them at this time of happiness.

My wish for this New Year is that more and more people take up this dying tradition and spread happiness and love. i just want to tell the world that old traditions are still respected.

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Google Baba

You do ur half and the other half, you leave it to Almighty, goes d saying. But who is this Almighty? whom people say to provide u with the other half. Now a days, we can see and feel the presence of Almighty around us. He is every where, the all knowing. He knows your likes and dislikes, hw u luk like, whom ur family are, hw s ur health etc. U ask him anything, the Answer is readily available. No questions wud go unanswered. He is slowly becoming d representative of collective human consciousness and knowledge. He will show u the right way if u r lost and will tell u where u r if u dont know d place. He can even help you converse in a country of different language. Almost everyone is a member of his family. He can save and is rejuvenating d long lost and near extinct languages and cultures. Who else can do all this other than Almighty ? from farmer to high-end technical person to scientists , all uses his vast knowledge base. He is always der for us. No questions asked, no prejudices and judgements. He will be the future of our past. Our history, human history wud be saved and kept safe in a place where anyone , even after long times in d future, could access it at any point of time. Our history would b left to interpretation , unlike the infallibility of certain kinds of mythological figures and pseudo historical events, we see, hear and experience. Then real democracy would prevail. The entire human race wud b in d altar of final judgment day comes. Every one wud have their own version of interpretation, yet only one actual fact.

It is phenomenal how google changed our world. The word "google it " has become ubiquitous. Every one knows everything or atleast heard of anything under d sun. Google make use of almost every resources without exhausting it, unlike us humans. It is not male or female or can b both, like the formless Almighty god, who can b anybody we want him to be.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


What happens when, one day you come to know that the person you were playing with, eating with, fighting with suddenly cease to exist. That’s a cruel reality every mortal have to deal with. The physical and emotional void it creates is unexplainable. Physically we cannot fill the void, so emotionally we try to compensate it by all know how we try to recuperate from our losses.

I believe that its almost impossible to be selfless. Whatever we do, we do it directly or indirectly for ourselves. Our emotions, we do crazy things to satisfy them. A week back, I happened to hear the worst news in everyone’s life, yes “Death”. Every one was sad to hear the news, me too. We all went to see the lady who had passed away. She was lying on the cold marble tiles, with just a white dhoti wrapped around her whole body showing only her ice cold face. It looked like, the death had captured her last emotion on her lifeless face. Everyone in the room put on a heavy, sad face. Then suddenly a little kid ran towards us laughing. The sound of her laugh was like water to a drought hit field. Her mother tried to hush her, but failed in her attempt. Then she took the kid away.

That little kid was right, I thought. Why are we sad ? There is no reason to be sad for her. She is already dead. She doesn't need your pity. She just ceased to exist from the face of this planet. Everything we have of her is in our mind. And we do all this...... condolences,sympathy,etc....... to satisfy our own emotions. To me a dead person is an “idea”. An idea with its own specific characteristics.Yes we are emotional beings and we are driven by our emotions. When death happens, it just happens, there is nothing you and I can do about it. 
As J.K.Rowling said in her famous Harry Potter series ,
"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love."