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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Legacy of Balasaheb Thackeray

I hope everyone has noticed the excitement created by the death of Bala Saheb Thackeray. Its just fine if you want to pay tribute to Mr.Thackeray and call him a great visionary and all. India is a democratic country you have every right to do as you please as long as it doesn't obstruct someone else's right. But when Maharashtra govt. arrested two girls charging them, of hurting religious feelings(Section 295 (a)) and IT Act for posting anti-Thackeray comments in facebook, any man in his/her right mind would agree, they have over-stepped their boundary. What religion are they talking about, he is a political leader,whose motto was to carry off non-Maharashtriyans from Maharashtra. Actually what the girls did was, one among them posted some comment on facebook wall and the other girl liked it. Those remarks showed their anger against the "bandh"(strike) on the day of Thackeray's death. If that wasn't enough shiv sainiks vandalised one of the girl's uncle's clinic and created havoc. Now that shows a hint of fascist mentality right there.Like, our respected PCI(Press Council of India) chairperson Justice Markandeya Katju has mentioned, his legacy is not much appreciative. He was a fierce advocate of "Maharashtra" for "Maharashtriyans"(People of Maharashtra) and others are foreigners.Based on this twisted ideology, his brain-child Shiv Sena, unleashed havoc on South Indians in 1960s and recently in 2008 they went against North Indians. When everyone else is trying hard to push India forward socially, culturally and economically, people with such abject mentality is trying to hold her back in those dark ages, when India was ruled by regional kings and queens. This intolerant behaviour will lead us to a dark future.And our political leaders are not even bothered by this issue. They might be thinking, now Mr.Thackeray is gone, how could they get a piece of Maharashtra voting bank, with two other Thackerays busy fighting each other. The letter asking explanation for arresting those girls,send to Maharashtra Chief minister, by Justice Katju remained unanswered.

 Never for one second think that this blog was all about defaming Mr.Thackeray and Shiv sena, instead i am against the intolerance of shiv sainiks and incapableness of Maharashtra govt. The government behaved with a fascist mentality by denying freedom of speech, which is granted by our constitution as a fundamental right, and as a rogue regime by false accusation and arrest. How do you suppose to live in a state like this. Do they (Shiv Sena) think they can thrive as a state with out the workforce from other states. Without migrating workforce and diversification in culture, there will be no city, no progress, especially in this time of globalisation. Though not in the same league of R.K Lakshman and Shankar everyone knows that he was a good cartoonist. One can understand what went through his mind when he found common people of his state, who were left behind in the process of formation of the great Mumbai city. As the city flourished outsiders poured in and along side the slums also expanded. But one thing he forgot was such mass exclusions always happen in the primary stage of urbanisation and instead of fighting off the so called outsiders, he must have worked for the inclusion of those who were left behind. Actually he did work but not for them instead he worked against the outsiders and not everything is conversely proportional. Sadly, i have to admit that he never understood the notion of "welfare", he was a wholesale dealer of fear and hatred.