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Monday, March 21, 2011

Long live humans

I always wondered by the fact that on what basis did they give Mr. Obama a Nobel peace prize. All that i can remember what he did is talking. Or is it because he wrote a book, then its definitely not a big deal at all. Even Paris Hilton did publish books. Any one can write a book now a days, if it is by a celebrity then its going to be a best seller even if it has blank pages. As far as i know you don't expect to acquire peace by talking, you need to do something for that. Even so i think he is much much better than Mr.Bush.

In India we have a decent and respectable man as a PM but as we all know he doesn't have a say in any matter. He must stand up to his reputation. People think he is just a puppet in the hands of Congress.
If we go to Italy it is worse in there. PM is a morally  deteriorated person. The man slept with almost every women he came across and is accused with paying money for underage sex. Still the guy is shameless.

Another one is Mr.Gaddhafi who is not ready to give away his power. He says he is the one who is fighting for the country and those rebels are teamed up with Al-Qaeda.
                     People are dying and suffering all around us, but most of us are not able to see it or is it that we don't want to see it, i don't know. It is better not to think about the world, the more you think the more you get angry and insane. i think it is time to have another big extinction. in my humble opinion, as long as we humans are here, this planet and all those other species in it are going to suffer.