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Saturday, November 26, 2016

A story with a Point

There are two types of Opinion, Direct and Indirect. Direct opinions are created by first-hand experiences and the latter is conceived from other's experiences. The effect, a first hand experience leaves on you is remarkable. Such was my experience with Delhi Police. I've always harbored a negative opinion against Delhi Police. Mainly due to the incidents reported in newspapers and like as I said earlier, from indirect opinions. And I tell u, this one incident changed all of that. I don't know whether you can look at this incident as an anecdotal evidence but it is.

Today when I was in transit in metro, my pocket was picked near Chandni Chowk metro station. It was very crowded and was too late before I noticed. Thanks to the Prime Minister there wasn't much in my wallet. But I have my credit and debit cards in it. I blocked my cards right away, as a precaution.
The guy who picked my pocket would have been disappointed and cursed me, such was the condition of my wallet. Luckily I had my sister with me and she paid at the exit gate for me since my metro card too was in the wallet.

 I reached home and began to share the incident with my family and  my door bell rung. My uncle opened the door. A tall, lean lady stood outside our home.

She introduced herself as a policewoman. She gave the wallet to my uncle saying that she got it from metro. we were all stunned. It wasn't even one hour since I lost the wallet and look, the wallet reached me back. While we were wonder struck she unfolded the story. It was lying in the floor when one of her colleague found it and got this address from the id card in the wallet. This lady, who happened to reside nearby my home volunteered to deliver it. And now, she is standing in front of my door. It all happened with in a minute that before we could digest what is happening here, She just gave the wallet and left without even waiting for our acknowledgement. I don't know whether it's her duty as a policewoman or her duty towards a fellow human being made her do this. I silently thanked the two police women who had the time to spend for another human being and who made me believe in the goodness and integrity of Delhi Police which I was very doubtful earlier. Its people like them we still believe in miracles.