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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The One Percent Chance

The notion of Chance or Luck as most people would like to call it plays a big role in every one's life. What exactly is the importance of chance in our life? Some people plan everything in their life, or so they think. But still, the chances of that plan going haywire is big. 

Consider if you love someone and want to tell her that. If you're just flirting then you wouldn't worry about it much. But otherwise, you will give it a thought from every possible angle. 
What if she said "No"? 
What if she cried? 
What if she call the police? 
What if she complained? 
What if she humiliates you?, lots of possibilities run to your mind. Then suddenly you will realise that there is only one percent chance that she will say "yes" to you. And there is this whole 99 percent chance that she will deny you. Crap!, that's a whole lot of Chance against you. 


This is the time of revelation for you that you have such a scientific analyst within you. And that tiniest one percent is what the people call hope or luck. Some are daring enough to chase that one percent, but most of us never want to come out of our comfort zone. That towering 99 percent will scare you off.But if you look at the flip side there is atleast a chance even if it is only one percent.

Is that one percent worth chasing for ? I think there is no definitive answer for that. It differs from person to person. For me, there is only one answer to that. If you think that's what you want ? Then go for it. It won't matter what the result is. The experience is always your's to keep, until the end.