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The banyan tree

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Before the Rain

The sky was moody. I can see the grey shade caused by the rain clouds, spreading all around me. It was like, I was waiting for the rain to happen, like a hornbill. The feel was great and thrilling. A cool breeze swept over, making my hairs stand upright as if they are heading for a battle. 
A black cat with its kitten was lying on the side of a concrete slab paved in the park. The kitten is playing with his mother. She is entertaining him with the wagging of her tail.
The thunder sounded like both Indra and Zeus were in on the jamming session. The sound of thunder made the kitten jump up and started looking around making that sweet meow sound. But his mother doesn’t seem to care. The kitten looked suspicious,like he was expecting an imminent attack, and picked a spot very next to his mother to lie down.
Like me, the kitten too was expecting something. The only difference is, I know what is going to come next and he doesn’t.
I extended my hand perpendicular to my chest feeling, for water drops. I stayed there for some time. Suddenly the cat stood up and started strolling towards the car shed(garage). The kitten ignored his mother and chose to stay.
A prick of iciness on my palm, at last, the rain.....the life......The trees seemed to welcome the rain. They were talking to the rain, they were dancing. The rain drops made them beautiful. The sound of drops hitting the leaves reminded me of, long awaited friends met and they are talking, like there is no tomorrow.
The rain was filling my mind, I can hear the music of rain. My mind was flooding with thoughts of friends, family and all those wonderful moments I enjoyed and despised in my life. A smile on my face, I was looking yet I wasn’t.
Suddenly I remembered the kitten, where is he? I looked around. He wasn’t there where he was lying. I heard a small meow sound from behind. He was lying with his mother inside the garage. But this time, away from the mother, near the door, watching the rain splashing mud.