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Sunday, May 15, 2016

SCIENCE is stranger than fiction

There are a lot of things that seems weird going on in this crazier world, natural and artificial. Science is something which makes humans stand apart from the rest of the natural world. These are some glimpses of our world, I picked ,which I think is cool.

Have u guys ever woke up tired and exhausted? May be in the summer, but definitely not always. For most of us sleeping is away to get rid of tiredness. But this 18 yr old kid, called James, wakes up dead tired when he sleeps too much. It may be interpreted as laziness, but actually it's a fatigue inducing condition named Fibromyalgia which causes this tiredness. It's an actual medical condition. Yes, in this condition you will actually get tired after taking a nap. Weird isn't it.
This one is definitely going to blow your mind off. what do we do when we confronted fire, like wildfire? We run, yes that would be our priority. But this little guy, he is an Australian, does just the opposite, he will just chill-off and take a nap, like getting warmed in front of a fireplace. Short-beaked Echidnas in Australia is this super animal who can pull-off such extraordinary gimmicks. He is a distant relative of hedgehog. Scientists call this short nap torpor,in this stage body activities will be minimum, they conserve the energy and reduce metabolism rate. Just like in a hibernation, but for a short time.
You guys ever wanted to bring someone back from dead? Nope, not kidding, now it is possible in not so distant future. A biotechcompany called Bioquark is set to do this in their lab conditions. They are gonna attain this using the stems cell of the same person and introduce it just after the death or to someone in a brain dead condition. They believe it could restart neural activity. "This represents the first trial of its kind and another step towards the eventual reversal of death in our lifetime,” Dr Ira Pastor, the CEO of Bioquark revealed in a interview given to the news media. It's still a hypothesis, but if they're so crazily speaking out for an idea then there's something in it, right. Buckle up guys zombies are gonna walk the earth.
Now the last but the least is a team of researchers from IBM alongside with the institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore claims to have successfully created a macromolecule which would render the nature's most infamous contract killers neutral. They say it's useless to go after the genetic make-up of viruses because it's different for each. Instead they targeted the outer covering of virus which is made up of glycoproteins. They claim that these macromolecule attach itself to the glycoproteins and make the virus incapable of glueing to healthy cells. Now that sounds pretty simple but easier said than done. It would definitely take years to launch successfully in the market. It's not even sure whether it will work because we're up against the most notorious and cold blooded terminators of the natural world. We will need all the good luck we can get.