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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Being a mother is a gift. I don't believe any women can be mother. It takes lots of sacrifice, guts and selflessness. Usually we call everyone who gives birth, a mother or a father. Its not that simple. A mother is a symbol, an idea. Any women can give birth but not everyone worthy to be called mother, same with father. We even use phrase, "motherly instincts" in our daily vocabulary.  We have many famous and not so famous mothers like Irom sakhi Devi, mother of "The Iron Lady of Manipur" Irom chanu sharmila, who hasn't saw her daughter for more than 10 years except one or two visits to hospital. Its been years since she caressed her daughter, spoke to her. This mother is fully aware of the depth of the issues her daughter stands for. She wishes good luck and is proud of her daughter. She even promised herself to not to disturb or try to see her daughter, till all of this isn't over.  Now thats some tough and hard core love mixed with pride and respect. She represent the admirableness of love,pain and sacrifice a mother had to endure for her sibling.
Now here, it's altogether another story where we can see the effects of love in the form of what a young boy from Karnataka state had done for his mother. He daily see his mother walking kilometers to get water for the household. One day he decided to help her by doing something crazy enough for the people to mock and discourage him. Most important thing is that he is a bloody teenager, such a tender age. Here he decided to dig a well of his own, at home. His mother tried to discourage him and requested to go back on this Goliath task, but he was resilient. For 1 month he dug on his own with out any help from any outsiders. After that he took the help from professional diggers and completed the task in 2 months. He dug 45 feet on his own. Now thats something near impossible to ordinary minds. But his sheer determination, duty and love towards  his mother enabled to completed the task successfully. Now thats something heroic.

What better stories to share than these two, on this special day of May 8th which is celebrated as Mother's Day. Both the stories represent the love. To every parents their kids are precious. We are the apple of their eye. What better thing to give them than love them and surprise them with little sacrifices we are ready to make for them. Happy Mother's day to all.