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Sunday, April 24, 2016

You don't have a say in my body

I am writing this for my friend and I don't know what it makes me? a good friend or a male chauvinist. Either way I really don't care. She is a strong individual, perhaps the strongest I've ever encountered. She is the only person in my boring office life whom I would call a great friend. She is a great individual. But today she seems a little off the mark. She is lost in thinking. Thinking and be content is not her style. Usually she has lots of things to say. She never go short of topics to discuss. She always find something, anything to say. 
She asked "Do you think I am putting on weight?, I think I'm fat."
"Why would you ask?" I asked
"Nothing, yesterday we friends have a conversation at lunch and they said I m kinda fat but not exactly. I don't understand. But after that, I m a bit sad."
I smiled at her.
"It's a big thing for us, you wouldn't know" she said to me.

I couldn't believe a lady like her can fall for such petty issues like body shaming. Yet, like she said may be I wouldn't understand. But I think its her who is not doing the understanding. Health wise she is perfect. But it's this body shape concept that's daunting her. In her mind she already has a standard which had been set by someone else for her, may be, by some thing like a fashion  magazine or some health guru had set that for her. I think that's the same with most of us including me. We let some stranger set standards in our life. How could anyone come up with a universal standard for being beautiful, looking good or how much one should eat? People are different and habits vary. Being healthy and being fat are not always proportional. Body shaming is nothing unusual if we take the history of human beings. Basically we are all snobs. Rich make fun of poor, a guy with Ferrari tease some one with an old truck and it goes on. But we must not let those poking reach us. We are who we think we are. Others can go to hell. Eat and drink as much as you like. If others have a problem, well its their problem and let them take care of it.

Well all those people out there who think like this I've only one thing to say, be who you are and not someone other want you to be. People loves you for who you are not for your body. If someone has a problem force them to shift their opinion, Views change with time. Changed perceptions carved the world we see today.