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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Good Vibration

He was a good man. He did a lot of good deeds during his short life span. He was always happy even though he was financially a big zero. He had the gift of spreading happiness all around. He radiates positivity and happiness. He was kind to humans and animals alike. “His death was a blow to humanity” people said. “God always call back those who are close to his heart”, they say. He donated his organs, for the good of humanity and science. Today, that man is going up in flames in front of those, whom he shared the lion share of his life.
He gained his consciousness. Its pure white everywhere, he was stunned, where is this place?
“You are with me”, a voice whispered in his ears. He looked around, no one was there. "From I the entire universe has been born", it said.
GOD?  why can’t I see you?
B'coz I am just a vibration or oscillation or you can call me consciousness. You can only feel me.
Tell me about earth. How are things over there?, the voice said.
You don’t know? You are the god, not me. He said
I don’t feel many vibrations from earth, oh sorry, i meant souls.
Why? he questioned.
I only created life, that first vibration, energy which created the first matter. Nothing much reached me after that. No vibrations. I didn’t even know you guys were there, who have great imagination and thinking capacity, until i felt a soul long time back.
What? You don’t even know humans exist?
Hmm, now i know. I have met only about a 100 souls of your kind. You are the 101th.
What are you saying? You thought there are only a handful of us in the earth?
Aren’t you? the voice sounded quizzical.
No, there are lots of us, humans, down there who daily pray to you. And now you are saying that you don’t even know we exist? Thats a bit difficult to digest.
Sorry, I’ve never felt your presence down there.
Our prayer never reached you?
I think not.
Then how come i happened to be here?
Your soul or the frequency match with my frequency. It’s like a radio receiver. I receive everything that matches with mine. All those 100 before you matched mine, just like yours did.
So you didn’t know there were lots of different animals down there other than us.
Not till one of you explained it to me.
So, what exactly do you do ?
Me, i don’t do anything. Just exists that’s all. Always busy in creation process.
So all the fights and killing and sacrifices we had been done ever were of no use?
I think so. Becoz nothing reached me. I didn’t even know there were so many of you.
They blamed you for creating flood, earthquakes and tsunami and praised you for curing diseases and bringing happiness to life, all of no use. It seems you don’t even heard of such things, right?, he asked.
No, but I don't understand, why blame me?
May i ask you one question, if you don’t mind?, the voice asked.
Shoot, you are the god
Why do you pray to me? And how do you even know that i exist?
That’s pretty complicated. We were always in need of many things. You won’t understand. That's our nature, leave it.
Okay then how does u know of my existence?
We don’t for sure, we imagined it. Like the way we imagined you hear all our prayers for food, big houses, cars, bikes, jobs, victory and the list goes on. We also thought you fought for us against demons.
Demons, what is that?
Never mind, one of our creations to ascertain the importance of humans in this universe.
I have to give you that you are very creative, a bit of playfulness in the voice.
Yes, that creativeness is the root cause of our destructiveness. We cling to imagination more dearly than reality. Sometimes we go crazy over it.
Then the voice stopped for a moment as if it were taking time to digest what has been received. Then it started again.

Creation is a continuous process. I can feel frequencies which is creative and positive. Nothing destructive reaches me. May be you humans are more destructive than creative. Could be the reason why most of your souls didn't reach me. Anarchy and destruction is universe's natural state. To be creative means you have to put in effort. May be your human race will reach me if you people learn to harbour creativeness and positivity rather than being destructive in nature.
I hope there were more of you who matches my frequency. I would love to talk to more of you people in the future.