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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Life of a KID

Lives of kids are simple. They are like butterflies, colourful and beautiful. Being a child is the closest you can get in your entire life to total Freedom. But sometimes their emotions too can take complex form. But when they do, then adults will be helpless as their emotions outstrip all logic and sense in this world. Its such a story.
There were two kids, a little girl named Chandra and a boy named Adi. Both are of same age and in the same school. They were friends. Their love for each other is cute and fresh, like morning dew, unlike the elder people with prejudices and conditions.
That day was Chandra's birthday, she dressed like an angel. Everybody loved her. Her smile lightens the night, just like the moon. Watching her smile is a divine experience. He too was there, to wish her a “haaapy bithday”. Adi give her a wide smile. Then they both ran to the gift table to open the packs she was getting.
She got lots of gifts. One by one they started to open the gifts. But when she unpacked a long coloured box, they saw two candy shaped blue eyes, glinting.
Teddy bear” he exclaimed in joy, made his eyes go bulging. She picked it up at once and hugged it.
His eyes were swinging from her to Teddy. His cheeks become red and eyes were waterlogged. 
“Mommy, i need a Teddy too, like the one she has”. He told his mother. She picked him up and said,
No,it's hers darling, i ll bring u another.” He was on the verge of crying.
Say bye to her, darling, come on” his mother take him back home before he created a dramatic scene over there. 
Next day his mother bought him a teddy. He was ecstatic but it doesn't last long. After done analysing the teddy, he cried ,
“I want red teddy mommy and this one doesn't have blue eyes”, his little eyes get moistened.
She slowly begin to get the deepness of this Teddy Bear issue. His mother put her hand on forehead, “Ohh God.”
Days passed, but the Teddy Issue didn't fade away. She tried many stores but he wasn't satisfied. Whenever the Teddy word came up, he cried. He daily played with Chandra's Teddy. She allowed him to play with it as she is his best friend. Both looked happy while playing. But when she takes Teddy back to her home, he felt desolate.
Today is his birthday. Chandra was also there to wish him, he was playing with her. They were opening his gifts. He got lots of electronic toys but his eyes were looking for something in particular. The last gift box were also opened , he looked disappointed and looked at her. She smiled at him and that pushed him to the verge of crying.
Then suddenly, Chandra's mother make an entry with a gift box in her hand. Both Chandra's and Adi's eye were glued to the gift box she was holding. She gave it to him, his watery eyes suddenly seemed filled with hope. He opened the gift, his eyes as wide as a koala bear. Yes, It was a red teddy bear. He was overwhelmed with joy. But then,he sized up the teddy and started to cry again.
What is it now, honey?“Mother asked
it is her Teddy, look it has blue eyes too. She gave it to me, mommy.” He cried his heart out.
But you wanted one, right?" His mother was confused.
Yes, but now she doesn't have a teddy, mommy, how is she gonna play?” Tears were running down his red cheeks.