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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Youth and Politics

Our political system is crippling and burdened with over aged hypocrites. I honestly believe our politics  need a revamp. Don’t you think present is ruled and governed by the ghosts of past. There is big difference in past and present  social values.  Don’t get me wrong, when i colloquially put it as older people coz you might think i am some kind of Nazi. When i say older, i meant our over-the-hill politicians, you can say they have experience and all, but right now what we need most is not experienced minds but bold minds who can accept the change happening around and those who are willing to break free from the old traditional format. The average age of our Parliament is over 60 years. How many leaders are there in our parliament who are not from a well-off and don’t have a criminal background. Most of our politicians and executives for that matter are sycophants. Being rhetoric and sycophancy are the trademarks of most of our statesmen. This sycophantic behaviour destroyed our country. This sycophancy is even prevalent in scientific circles. Here in India it is more important to be an *** licker, than having merit or ability, if you are ambitious.


A change in mentality, is the main reason why i support youth migration to Parliament. By youth, the image come in to our head is of “college students” but i meant young adults (above 30 yrs), who are neither reckless nor boring as hirelings. These people, as old as our country herself, with their traditional mindset, are not willing to change according to the changing values of society. Change is inevitable, if they are not ready to change we must replace them, our country’s future is at stake. For such a change to happen, we need to have options, but our current situation doesn’t allow us any flexibility in voting. We have youth leaders but not enough in such a position where they can make their own mark. We believe politics is for wretched and no youth is ready to take a dip, no one cares now a days. This attitude must change, more and more youth personalities must come forth ready to clean this dirty pit.

In India politics is more of a family affair rather than a state or governmental affair. Party tickets and ministerial berths must be given to those who are worthy of it. In India its is still monarchy in the form of government, father to daughter to son etc. But now every party is careful enough to introduce their own youth icons to attract young voters, coz they realize that future belongs to us. Do we have enough youth leaders in our political pool ?, no , but there are some random cheerful incidents happening, like in UP (mindfully forgetting power transfer is from father to son). It is happy to know that there are some among those old who are willing to let go off their power. Indian youth should be involved and introduced into the political affairs from the grassroots. Need for political awareness is at its highest in this period of political turmoil. Young voters must care for their country.