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The banyan tree

Sunday, February 7, 2016


 a micro memoir

"I don't think I can come, guys. You carry on" I didn't think I could do it. Being a lazy man by birth I prefer the status quo, unless and until compelled strongly otherwise. My friends are all going to be there in Goa, but not me. I lost sleep over it, "should I go or not". I realize how lazy and pathetic I am, Can't even deal with such a silly thing.

At last I've been made to decide against my crazy-lazy mind, by my friends. I packed for Goa and boarded on train from New Delhi to Goa. I hate to sit for a long time and that is the reason why I hate train journey. My journey wasn't much fun, that my friends is the side effect of being an introvert. I was still in the belief that this is a mistake, to take this trip. 

It took a full day and a night to reach there. The air of Goa started to take its toll on me. The climate was hot & humid and yet I felt like I was home. My friends called me and gave the direction and place, to be. I took a taxi from the station. Goa was exactly the same as my home, Kerala. Coconut trees, green bushes and plantain trees, lush greenery everywhere. I started to doubt my earlier decision.

When I reached the room and saw all my friends together, with that quaint smiles on their faces, like we were in school, I felt like I was having an exuberant welcoming. I was taken to those days when we used to hang out and play in the ground, those golden days. I thanked them, for making me change my decision to not to come. I could have easily lost this moment if not for them. I savored the moment with the same mindset of that little school boy who rejoiced with his friends in the fields.
Palolem Beach

At restaurant