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The banyan tree

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Beautiful Day

It was just like any other day. Life was withering out shuttling between office and home. Every day I start with thinking to do something diferent, crazy, but status quo prevails.I can feel the emptiness of the routine chores. Life has become so mechanised that I couldn't even enjoy the simple delights, life can offer. Tension & stress has become natural state of mind, calmness and peace have become visitors.

It was a fine morning, I was off to office just like any other day. I took a good look around. People were still jogging inside the park. Trees and shrubs were fresh as dew. Squirells running around the footpath. Birds were making loud noises, as if we humans were not the only one, they too were busy on a morning. Nature was beautiful and fantastic as ever. No one could match her beauty. I have to walk to reach metro station. Somebody called my name fom across the road, It was Dev. I waved at him and signalled at my watch that I m already late for office. Suddenly I was blocked by an old man, who has a rugged look. From his looks he might be from village. His eyes were weary and lips were cracked.He try to smile but his cracked open lips failed him. He said he was from village, for some construction work here in the city. But the man who promised him work, now turned his back on him.And from yesterday onwards he hadn't had anything to eat. He needed some money to get him going. He looked at me expectantly touching his abdomen.

I started to walk away from that man as if he was invisible to me. But suddenly something stopped me, then I took out my wallet and gave that old man a 50 rupees note. He said "Thanks" and smiled showing the gaped tooth, and walked away. Dev came running towards me. Why did you give him money ? He just don't seemed genuine, you are so naive. I put my arm across Dev's shoulder and said,
I did this b'coz, this is how I am. May be he was genuine or may be just like you said, he was not. But that does't matter. It's not about him, it's about me. I helped him b'coz I felt like helping him and that made me happy. Yes the world is bad and might take advantage of me, but I don't care. You can call me dumbly optimistic as I would like to see the goodness in every one. I would like to think, what if he was genuinely in trouble and I didn't help him, even after I got the chance ? That's something which is gonna hurt my consciousness. So I am sorry my friend if I dissappointed you”
I started walking towards metro station, but this time with a smile on my face. I felt pride and peace inside. A moment of joy. I felt like today I have done some thing that makes sense. These small things make our lives worth living. You don't have to be a Gandhi or Mother Teresa to be good to others. Just take a good look around and open your eyes.