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Saturday, September 5, 2015

EXODUS - revealing our true selves

We are in the brink of losing our humaneness or did we already lose it? The world is in jeopardy and we see it right before our naked eyes, still we need to set up a committee before taking actions. That means we don't even have same opinion on humanitarian part. Now how pathetic is that? We often forget the reason why people chose to refuge in a particular country, as they consider that country as accepting and tolerant towards others. The reasons for exodus are many, civil war, terrorist groups, ethnic and religious atrocities etc. But there is only one common underlying reason for all of this, that we lost our humanness.
This is sad and heart wrenching. People are dying like fireflies. We cant even allow them a bit of space. We have this whole earth yet we are refugees. I fear, this whole event had made me a misanthrope. Mothers holding their children close to their heart and pleading for entry to a strange land which they think is something better than worse. Many lives lost during the long journey, many reached and many fell in between. A report from Austria says that officials have found dead bodies of 71 refugees inside a refrigerated container truck on the road side. It is believed that they were smuggled by the human traffickers to Europe. They were the victims of false hope. The stories those people have to share are sad and gruesome.

The main obstacle is, we still cant see them as our own, our equals. We don't allow entrance to them fearing they will cause imbalance in the economy. Economy, GDP, Growth, Capital blah blah blah... I am fed up with this whole crap. When we can't feel for our fellow people what good are we? All those overrated morality, philosophy and Gods, they are just a front for evilness and wickedness we harbor within ourselves


When a child dies, remember we are doomed for ever. They are closest we ever gonna get to  godliness. If we need to think twice before saving someone's life, we have no hope left. Don't forget, We will be judged by our actions today. There is still hope as a handful of good people is all we need to change the course of history. Even though there are people who are against giving shelter to those refugees, there are also some who swim against the tide and work for their welfare upholding the torch of humanity. Lets wish them good luck and hope for the best.