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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I named u 'MAMA'

Most common syllable the entire world utters when they take their first breath is [ma]. Philosophical implications of sound are immense. And the real wonder is that, most of the world's recognised languages has 'ma' sound in them, whether it is Mama, Mummy, Ma, Amma or Mom. Is it bcoz of that 'aa' is one of the easiest sound to produce? What ever may the reason be, it is the sound our entire species is familiar with. There are a lot of emotions entangled with this sound. May be that's why we think there would be a  divine intervention in the bonding between mother and child, as the child seems to utter the word even before it could think and reason with the outside world. In Indian culture sound 'Ma' and 'Amma' conveys  lots of emotions, whether it be respect, love or kindness. One will find loads of stories about motherly love and sacrifice in our culture, and any culture for that matter. Its "matha(mother) pitha(father) guru(teacher) daivam(god)" according to Indian philosophy. Mother is allotted with the highest status among the four and god comes last even after teacher. So what could have triggered the trend for such a view? Putting something human before god. Everywhere nature is considered as mother, why? bcoz nature provide us with everything we need, just like a mother? We equate everything that gives and cares with motherly love, Why couldn't it be fatherly love. Is it that love of father is any less? There must be some other reason, something deeply engraved in our subconscious. Hindu goddess "Parvathy" is personification of perfect beauty and power, but she have an other side too. A strong motherly side where she react vigorously to other gods and even her husband Lord Shiva in a hostile manner, defending her son "Ganesh". We knew about the furious side of motherly love, that's why we concord nature and goddess with this 'mother' status, we regard motherhood higher than almighty himself. May be that's one of the flexibility we have with old belief systems rather like new religions, beliefs can be improvised according to arising needs. Contradictions are tolerated.

All animals show motherly attachment to their siblings, its a natural process inevitable for the survival of the sibling in this tough world. There is not a straight answer to why a mother is called Mom or Mamma. It wouldn't be easy to triangulate when and why this 'ma' sound is assigned to the 'mother' in linguistic process. Does this commonality in sound show the single root of  all languages or does it bcoz, humans think alike everywhere. What ever may the reason be, we must've noticed, the first sound a baby can easily produce is 'aa', then after a little, more refined 'maa' sound. A baby usually use such sound to call out, the person who is always in contact with it,  that would usually be it's mother, for getting attention. So there is possibility that the child could be the reason for the assignation of the sound, to the person who cares and manages them. Before the linguistics were developed, before the grammatical intricacies of the languages, a small helpless child looking at the person, extending it's arms to whom it trusts, produced a sound which only it knew to make, revolutionized the entire philosophical and religious fraternity for centuries to come.