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The banyan tree

Monday, August 31, 2015


Like everyone else, my morning also starts with the same set of chores. Still, the rising sun has this refreshing effect on my mind, like every new day I m being reborn with new set of hopes. The joy it gives me, devouring a cup of tea with the rays from morning sun along with the chirping birds is heavenly. Sometimes it feels like never to move from the balcony and go on forever eternally, looking at the rising sun and the shades of sky. When I was in school my parents used to say, If u study properly now, u can have a good future. When I joined college the same advise applied to college, then after that when I got a job the same applied but with a little editing that, work good so that u can have a good retired life. I wonder, worrying too much for the future, are we forgetting to live the moment? I know they have their own justifications for that, but still what if I am not like that. What if I would like to sit lazy for days doing nothing, what if i want to live a simple life like a that of an animal with no worries of future and past, to live in the moment. Is that even possible for us humans? Sometimes I feel like running away from the civilization, never to come back.

Finishing my chores, then off to office.  Its a brief 10 minutes walk to metro station from home. Both sides of the road are furnished with trees. Its always a good morning walk when I am off to office.  Metro has become some kind of a private space for me. I've become so comfortable at metro that I can walk without being self conscious there, just like home. And most of the books I have read, I read when i commute. Books open up a different world for who seek. They are like music, you can have different books for different moods. Books are cross-section of the writer's mind, how he thinks, how his imagination goes & how he views the world. 

First I was a bit uncomfortable at reading on metro. Every time I start reading i become self conscious, hence couldn't concentrate. It always frustrated me. I had to work on it to change that, to control my mind. Every time I try to read my mind wanders across the train, hearing others talk, kid's crying, people laughing, people getting off and on at stations, everything. I used to see and hear everything. It was very hard to put a saddle on my mind. When my mind gets agitated i prefer to read in my mother tongue(MT). Its b'coz MT is easy to grasp with minimum amount of effort. I only have to invest half the effort to put in, that I've to do with other languages. It took one week for me to put a saddle on my mind. Now i m cool with it, just like a second home. My commuting time started to shrink after i started to read. Most of the time i m so involved in reading that not even conscious of the surroundings. The time I reach office i feel as fresh as a budlet.

At the end of the day i feel like i was being punched on stomach, drained of energy and cheerfulness. After office hours I catch the metro and settle with my book at one corner of the coach. Books are my energy drinks. The commuting has been made cheerful by books that i always keep with me. When you read you feel rejuvenated. It stimulates your mind like nothing. 
So I wish you guys all a good well-read journey ahead. .