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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Sacred Cow


A middle class family of Father, Mother and a son, at the comfort of their home.

F(father) - (while  reading newspaper) That's  definitely a right move. We should return to our culture. We must revive our original culture.
M(mother) - What is it? (Voicing from kitchen)
F - Govt is trying to launch a ban on beef.
M - Why, all of a sudden?
F - You don't understand the real implications of this move. Cow is a venerable creature in Hindu culture. It is our "gow matha". How could we allow maltreatment towards such an animal? She is life giving & sustaining force. Some people show no respect and feel no remorse in making it their menu. It’s a disgrace. We should react.
M - Yes, you are right.
S(son) - You know dad, there are some kids in our school who bring beef. But they don't reveal it. They used to lie, as chicken or mutton.
M - Oh my god, that's disgusting.
F - Such people should be thrown out of our country. If they want to be in here, it should be on our terms and conditions.
M - Yes, I agree. They should at least respect our beliefs.
S -(checking his phone) yup, I m with you, mom.

Scene - 2

Outside the house: There is a crowd, people formed a circle, around something, in their park.  Something is going on.

F - what is it? Son, go and have a look.
[He run to the park and try to insert himself through the crowd, to take a look.]

M - what is it?
S - Nothing serious mom. It’s just a stray cow. It has a big stomach. I think it is pregnant. And it is so ugly too.
F - What are they doing? They should not let that cow deliver on our park.
M - It will make a mess.

[Father walks towards the crowd. Someone from the crowd shouts at him,
Come on now, help us to get the animal out of the park. Its condition is very poor. It may die in here. I don't think it will survive this delivery.]

F- Okay, let’s do this.  You give a push from the back. I will push from the side. Don't let the cow lie down on ground.

People started to push it, by making noise to scare the animal. The cow was trying to lie down. At last the animal got irritated and limped out to the road. It looked at them, making painful sound. Tears were running down from the eyes.  The animal was in great pain.


Inside the house: Father is washing his hands and legs. After that, he takes a seat at the long comfy sofa set in his living room.

S - (While watching TV) Is it gone, dad?
F - Yes, We somehow pushed it out of the park.
M – After all who does all this, right? Such animals should be kept tied at owner's house.
S - But I think it’s a stray one, mom.
F - Our streets are full of such stray cows and dogs. Sometimes I feel like running over them.

[Suddenly newsflash scrolls through the TV, "Beef banned in MAHARASHTRA"}

F - Yes, that's it. One by one we should take such remedial measures. We should rebuild our country's cultural dignity. Now it's clear to people that cow is not a menu item. It should be respected and protected. If you differ you should go.
M - (Run from the kitchen to see the news details)(panting) Good decision.