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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rulers of the mind of people

August 7, 1941 there isn't any visible signs of disturbance in the nature at the great loss humanity had suffered. Nature refused to shed her seriousness. She looked detached as usual. But the world, India particularly, stood numb. He was the man who greeted the world with his offerings of songs. He was the man who was ashamed of badges of honours, who denounced nationalism for internationalism. A saint, poet, world citizen- was many things to many people. Yet he died restless, his heart was weeping. Humanity had failed him. Brothers waging war on brothers. Destruction, for what? he never understood. His own land were being controlled and prowled. Love and peace were nowhere to be found. He fought hard against it. But inside, he knew he was only partially succeeded in his mission on earth. He was going to die like a soldier in the battlefield, fighting the  battle. But there are laws much more powerful and unchanging, against which we are totally helpless. He knew its time. But for us it would be a beginning of a new kind.

He is now in another dimension or world, where everything is in dust form. He is now a part of greater plan. Great stars, galaxies, solar systems, sometimes  people, born out of cosmic dust and when they die they eventually turn back to their original form, which is dust. He fought a cosmic battle to return to human form. He tried to control his transformation. He knew he must gather more energy. Even in another world his spirit was unbreakable and non-retiring. His abode of peace is waiting for him to be fulfilled. He can hear them calling for him. They need his help, his visions. In a crunch, everything imploded, transformations started occurring. Then something he never anticipated occurred, he split into many to become many. His joy knows no bounds.  He descended upon humanity, but this time not as one but took many forms. He has many things to do. "He" become "They" , "I" become "US".

We will never know whom of us are his parts but one thing is sure we all find a piece of him in everyone of us. We just need to dig deep. When we come closer to the abode of peace we will start to realise that person, that spirit who struggled to be here, inside us. He is the real ruler of the minds of people(Jana gana mana adhi nayaka.....).