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Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Foreigner in one's own country"

This type of news always gives me a strange feeling. I always wondered how people of (in the least) same country becomes foreigners or traitors based on the kind of "ideals" or "belief system" they hold. What's the logic behind this strange & odd scenario. Now a days it seems we are living in a world of quantum physics, where contradictions are natural occurrences.
In India Hindutva-vaadis (those who support Hindutva movement) are trying to extradite non-hindoos claiming them as foreigners. Their claim is that, they are the descendants of some non-existed "Aryan race" (no historian agree with the usage of term ‘Aryan race’). In Burma what was begun as a clash between two individuals became clash between two religions. And a monk, who was supposed to be the preacher of "Dhamma" took a detour in his faith & started preaching hatred. In the meantime in TamilNadu (one of the Southernmost state), who were supposed to be hindoos, a village burned in the name of caste.
When someone say "he is a foreigner", what do we mean by that? what is the definition of a foreigner? Is he someone who is a native or is it his religious belief which makes him an eligible candidate? If it is so, then a man can be foreigner by birth & also by having a different religious belief than majority. I still don't understand & still trying hard to make sense out of this self contradictory human world.
If a belief system can make a man foreigner, then how native is a 'saivaite hindoo' & a 'Vaishnaviite hindoo', how native is  a ' Protestant Christian' & a 'Roman Catholic', how native is a 'Mahayana Buddhist' & a 'Hinayana', how native is a 'Sunni' & a 'Shiite'.
In present conditions I feel like a foreigner in my own country. If you say don't go for military retaliation against Pakistan, you will become a traitor.But none will think about the innocent families living on either sides of border, who were caught in this hell, becoz they were happened to be born there. People talk about revenging the dead Indian soldiers but what about people & soldiers who are not yet dead? War is never an option but still some times things go out of control.