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Thursday, April 11, 2013

CASTE away

As the scientific world expands its horizon of knowledge, there are people who are not ready to embrace the truth and still clinging on to the old beliefs and blind faiths, thus creating a blockade for further development of entire human race. Our Prime Minister has announced the greatest threat to our country's internal peace is "Naxalism" but he failed to mention another threat which is at the same or even more dangerous than naxalism,i.e terrorism in the name of religion. Since the majority of Indians are Hindus, hindu extremists pose an imminent threat to our unity in a diversified religious beliefs. Here in our country Muslims, Christians, Buddhists etc. got attacked only because they chose to believe in a different religion. These newly emerged cult of "political hindu extremists", who are using religion for their own benefit by manipulating blind believers, want to (as they say) unite India under one religion i.e Hinduism, as hindus, who they claimed to be the original people of this land. These people claim that before Muslim rule we were not divided, we were one big morally & culturally dominant hindu family. However, one thing they tend to forget is that there were never ever was "Hinduism". Actually it was outsiders, Arabs who who first called the people of Indian subcontinent "hindu" by referring the land of river "Indus"(Sindhu) as "Al-hind". These people of hindutva ("hindutva-vadis") claim that we are the descendants of "Aryans", but none of them have any idea what & who aryans were? They are referring aryans as some race (like Hitler), but in actuality they were immigrants from Indo-Iranian border. They were groups of different people with tribal and linguistic variance, whose intermingling with natives, not an all-out attack as previously believed, culminated as Vedic-civilisation. Unlike Indus valley civilisation these people were cattle-bearers. Moreover, it took them years to form a well-planned civilisation like Indus valley civilisation. In addition, one more, perhaps the most important, thing these preachers of hindutva deliberately forget is "casteism", the viral idea that is slowly eating away our society's vital organs (equality, liberty etc). In so called hinduism(Brahmanic or Vaidik) majority were outcasts like “dalits”, who are not even considered as humans. They have no right to claim equality in the society as they are born to be slaves.
In the Indian subcontinent, at the beginning of hindu-culture there were many philosophers and scientific minds who were like beacons to the entire continent. But slowly Brahmanism made greater, rather a destructive impact on the culture, flooding it with rituals and mantras(chanting), thus cementing their superiority and rule since they were sole authorities of rituals. It is because of this madness "Buddha" proclaimed his teachings and knowledge were for all humans. There were no castes or casteism in budhism. Mass conversions from hinduism to other religions especially to Islam & Buddhism were mainly because of this differentiating character of hinduism on the basis of caste, which those religions doesn't preach. Forced conversions are rather negligible.

Indian social structure is possessed by evil called "casteism". There isn't any chance for revivalism for hinduism, of course a "renaissance" sounds possible, but i don't see it happening any time soon.