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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Delhi United

Thank you UPA government for once again demonstrating that you guys are the personification of intolerance. Now i am forced to change my political opinion on this wretched piece of political party, BJP is far far better. Mrs. Gandhi's party rule over Centre and in Delhi and both Central govt. and Delhi govt's reaction seems like they are insensitive to this issue. They are waiting this issue to wear off by its own, they are in a delusion that people would retreat by their own after a weeks protest. They never cared for the people, what they really interested were their party's(party has shrunken to family matters, everyone else are expendable) survival and votes. The legacy of "Congress party" is tarnished by this people who have proven many times over that they are unfit to lead. Some of you might recall how congress leaders acted frenzied when Robert Vadra(Son-in-law of Mrs. Gandhi) was accused in real estate scam of over 300cr.

First i need to confess that i was wrong, i thought this protest would wear-off easily after an initial surge that we happened to see in the case of corruption campaigns.This time i think people are much more determined. The brutality with which this gang rape has been conducted struck a chord with billions. First, the masses were demanding death sentence (which i am against) for the perpetrators but now they seemed to be more composed and their demands are more clear now. They have realised that it's been the problem with Police and Governing bodies.Their disregard and slothful behavior made this city, our capital, a hell, especially for women. People call forth for the installation of CCTVs in all Police Stations and courts for the transparency of proceedings and GPS should be installed in public buses, taxis and auto rickshaws.

Courtesy: IBN Live

Main difference between our government and Irish govt. is Irish govt. stands for the good and welfare of the people. After the death of "Savitha Halappanava", an Indian by origin, who was refused to give an abortion which caused her death, the people protested and the govt. looked into the situation and is ready to revamp its policy on abortion. They are ready to amend the constitution even though abortion is against the Roman Catholic belief. This incident shows how wise and civilised they are in making their decisions.But on the other hand in India today govt. has declared prohibition under CrPC section 144, no one is able to protest in India Gate and Rashtrabati Bhavan, they were to relocate to Jantar Mantar. The govt. is trying to clamp down the protest by using tear gas and water cannons.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times
i think it is time to have new parties and new politicians. We should demolish old legacies and legends. This should be a time-stamp in Indian history where new legends will born and legacies are made. Let us all hold our hands and our hearts together for our future. Let us hope that its only the beginning that we are ready to come out of our comfort zone for others in-need. 

Remember, it is our chance to write history, grab it, if we sacrifice our's today for the greater good, next generation will remember us for what we have done for them.