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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why are we like this?

People were busy fighting over an Anti-Islam movie  for the past week. So many have died and mortally injured in the protest, reminding some kind of revolution. The question that pops up in my mind is "for what?" actualy it shoud be other awy around "for what not?"

Some dumb jerk made some movie which instigated violence, may be he is a sadist or he may have some other reasons like political or religious. And for this foolishness people are losing their lives in some unrelated countries. You may think that "Where are u living man? they are all belong to same religion and thats the relation". But any person their right mind would agree with me that these people of the so called same religion are the ones fighting and countering it in their own countries. The most interesting thing is that such issues often get public interest as something of great importance, even worthy of dying.


Does "God " worthy of  fighting for? Why do we need defend god if he is almighty. Isn't this mayhem for defending the right of god is a concreting evidence that deep inside our mind we think that god is not so almighty  without us, he can't exist without humans, as we perceive him, he doesn't have an existence outside the scope of our mind. If I am wrong then we wouldn't dare fighting his fight.

I think we humans always feared chaotic state, even in utter chaos we try to find some order. If something that cause chaos in a group, even if it is the truth itself, we will turn into both defencive and offensive mode. To us, its not about truth or facts, its all about certain pattern where nothing out of this pattern or without order happens. That what happen when we think someone is attacking our belief system, which we had been following all these years and suddenly some one try to mock it or try to nullify it, we panic.

Now on the other side of the world a 14-yr old Pakistani girl had been injured  severly by "Taliban", and her crime was taht she dared to spoke the truth about Taliban and Islam extremists. In the eyes of this know-all religious fanatics what would a little girl would know about great "Islam" and its tradition. Attacking a child? if Prophet was here, how proud he would have felt ?. But we didn't find any protest of world wide nature in her defence. The harder we try to answer the question, why are we doing this? why the hell are we like this?,  farther we are getting from answer it seems.