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Thursday, August 23, 2012

India: A bleak future ahead ?

For the last few months anarchy and confusion is ruling our country, sectarian fights, communal riots, honour(pseudo-honour) killing, you name it and we have it over here in India. CAG, the whistleblower, tabled a storming report in rajyasabha about discrepencies in coal allocation, which was directly under Mr. Manmohan Singh, so much for his well-knit image. Assam and Allahabad is burning. Exodus, bigger than at the time of 'Moses' is happening. Government is failing, People of this democracy is failing. India's persona of 'unity in diversity' is falling off. We have become a bunch of intolerant, abusive barbarians.

For eg. if we take Assamese, their exodus is a big concern, eventhough Govt says all these were rumours, which have been uploaded online from Pakistan, these people have good reason to be feared. There is a feeling of alienation in the air for quite long time. If this condition prevails India will be no better than poorer African and other east asian counterparts, which is in the transition turmoil.

I think the main reason for any kind of unrest is 'economic insecurity' of a nation. If you can't meet your basic needs, you are despicable in the eyes of society so you will try to find some kind of outlet that would give you some sort of social status, thus venting your anger and frustration on other issues like race, tribe, ethninicity, etc. And we have no scarcity for scavangers who feed on this anarchial environment. For us to be Indians again, we need to let go of our individual egoes and must attain one ego which is 'INDIAN'.