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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Future lies in the heaven

Our technology have enabled us to do many things that were once perceived merely as science fictions. One more recent addition to this list is the mining of extraterrestrial bodies, like our moon and asteroids for resources. "Planetary Resources" is one such company who are focussed on to open their realm of real estate to solar system. The probability of success cannot be predicted clearly right now as it is in its childhood. 

All asteroids coming towards us not necessarly possess a threat, instead we can now exploit the vast deposit of rareearths and other natural resources distributed in their surface. Asteroids are a vast source of such resources as they interact with many extraterrestrial bodies in their journey through space. Why is it easy to extract from asteroids? b'coz it is small and unlike earth or other planets its gravity field is low. We know we, humans were searching for planet like others which is inhabitable. There are asteroids which contains water in vapour form, which we can exploit. Till now only big corporations and Governments had been able to do research on this, but with our technological surge, many other small companies would be able to invest on it, thus contributing its fruit to the global economy. It is also a known fact that "Larry Page" one of the founder of Google has a share in the company "Planetary Resources".

Asteroid Mining (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

But still, there exists a big problem of reaching the moving asteroid with the mining facilities. The company says they will borrow technology from NASA and are looking forward to setting up space stations, that would be used to refuel the space craft and process the materials. They are predicting to use water as propellant and asteroids have a lot of water resources. Some might think this is a futile dream like time travel, but these guys are no childsplay they know exactly what they are up to. They have money and resources, they have already setup some telescope and interceptor missions in space for this purpose. 

With so much raw materials on heaven, what do we have to worry? I think it is one of the best way to save our planet. We can stop making holes in our planet and start mining other boundless extraterrestrial objects thus benefiting mankind. So lets start hunting fro the asteroids and hope for the best.