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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hate speech

i think super moon had its toll on me. After seeing it i had a gargantuan mood swing, for no particular reason i began to hate the entire human kind (including myself), i think it made me high.  i am full of hatred now, i feel like a super villain who wants to destroy humans. i feel like a werewolf who want to attack and tear off everything that is human. A little while ago i adored being a human with all its complex relationships and multifariousness, both physically and mentally. But now i think its all sleazy, yes thats it, i hate our kind for all its glory and wickedness. If there is a rebirth i wish to reborn as anything that is not human. i have had enough of this bullshit.
We are liars, fools, wickedness is our trademark, we don’t love anyone but self. We kill each other and other living creatures. Does it end there? no, we again kill for fun and entertainment. We destroyed the balance of nature. We made extinct many creatures. Do we feel anything for those who were extinct? no we don’t and we shouldn’t, coz we are the fittest and thus we survive. We, hypocritical humans pity animals for their lack of mental development, yet we overdeveloped ones fight over some stones and metals. We fought over many meaningless things. Our main attitude is hypocrisy, what we think, what we perceive is the only truth, b’coz of the prejudiced mindset that we know everything.
We never acknowledged the fact that we were just one living creature among millions of others. We always wanted to stand out, we never wanted the truth. When we talk about speaking truth, we were talking about our hypothesis of human truth not the universal truth. In the words of “Chief Seattle”(chief of native American Tribe, city Seattle got its name from him), "Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it". Swallow it, engrave it in our mind, we are not at the centre of this creation or universe. Human emotions, love, jealousy, friendship, morality everything is in our own mind, its not universal. We are cutting the branch of tree where we are sitting. We are not wary of our doings, we are condemned to dig our own grave.
Why i hate us, coz we think we are “the one”, we are the savior of this planet, when we talk about a mass extinction or end of life on earth, we clearly mention ourselves. We think without us earth is doomed. That is why we are fools and self centric, coz one thing we failed to notice is that life never cared about her creations, what she always wanted is, this process of life must go on, doesn’t matter in what form, intelligent or non-intelligent. We, overdeveloped fools are getting tore off between our basic animal instincts  and our acquired civilization instincts. We are totally messed up. We don’t know which way to go. We are the only species who are aware of what we are doing. We know how much damage we are causing and yet we do that, we just can’t help it. Does that make us unique? no it just makes us foolish and worst. Tags: ,,