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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

“Rape Culture”

We Indians are always been proud of our great culture. In our eyes every one else is inferior. But recently our capital city has become a shining beacon of our new emerging culture, “Rape Culture”, i don’t know whether you can call it even a culture. As New Delhi is our capital any smear on its reputation affects the entire nation. In a rape culture, women are stamped down by the fear of being raped. This is an extremist side of our patriarchal culture. In this type of culture women who got raped become the culprits, society wouldn’t sympathize with victims, rather they would argue that those women asked for it. The only purpose is to make women subordinate to men by the fear of rape. This type of attitude was prevalent in India for years, as it is the side effect of our Patriarchal society. Even though in our culture rape has been considered brutal and inhumane, because of our male dominant system rape was common. Some times we don’t even take rape seriously as rape is considered as a feature of masculinity. We always advise  women to avoid rape rather than tell men to stop rape. It is high time to change our mentality. The most saddening part is that even women thinks that those who got raped asked for it. This mentality cements the fact that women think men are rapists by nature, what they need is some motivation..
We can’t tell women to dress like this or that & this is the right way to dress and this is not, as it depends on individual. Instinctively every men get attracted to women, it is male nature, but as we are humane and are much more than creatures who are just been driven by instinct, we must show more self control and character. It doesn’t mean every men rape, but as men we must consider it as a shame to our manliness. We have to be more careful, as this type of culture portrays the entire male community in a soxiety, as inferior beings who has no control over themselves. To an outsider we (Indian men) are just sex-starved neurotics, just because of the wrong doings of a few. We usually states that “men will be men” or “boys will be boys”,  it creates a general idea that men lack  self-command. As long as we back this age old publicly consumed idea that rapes are the results of provocation, we are cementing the fact that we, men are just animals and lack self-control. There are many campaigns world over, by men, against this brutality of rape. I don’t know if there is any in India, if there is then you are not doing enough and if there isn’t one then its high time to start a campaign.
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In my opinion this issue concerns men more than women as we are the “bad guys” here. We, men should take a firm stand against such atrocities towards women, as welfare of women and children is the distinguishing feature of a good  society with a bad one. It is time to take responsibility for our own actions. If there is rape it is us men who are responsible. If provocation results rape, it shows our  characterlessness and lack of self control. Let us show the world that we are not brutes, we can be better, we can make our brothers better thus making a better society. Tags: ,