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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mind and Prejudice

          I had been thinking about this quite a long time. How come people be prejudicious to others? world is filled with prejudiced views, Could this attitude be changed? sometimes i think it is not easy to have a non-prejudiced position. We always consider ourselves better than others, might nimagesot there be any specific reason but still we like it that way. No matter how hard we try to consider others as equals we just can't. We always think in a specific direction, it had to be others who do all the bad things and base for this preconception is, we are always right and fair. For example most of the Indian's blood boils on hearing the word "Pakistan" and unfortunately most us think thats how it should be, Pakistan = bad and India = good. We always forget about the common people like us who live there in Pakistan, and nothing to do with terrorism and war, who were trying to make both ends meet. Hate crimes are mainly because of this prejudiced views.
            But one of the most intriguing thing about India is it contradicts itself in many things. We make a big issue(actually it is) of when Australians or English or Americans show racism or threw racist comments towards Indians, while in our own country we do the same with our fellow countrymen. We make fun of people from North-Eastern states, because of their mongoloid features (on what basis we think our facial symmetry is more attractive than theirs, I don't know?). North Indians look down on South Indians saying they are black and South Indians say Northerners upstairs is vacant (meaning less intelligent) and the never ending fight goes on. I find this interesting table of prejudiced statements from the net. You will be amazed to see most of the things are true to the core.
Prejudice Table
          When the world claims that Islam is all about terror, it not only hurts the ego of bad ones but also those who are good and believe in images (1)Islam for all the right reasons. We must show a bit more patience, they have already started to come out of that stringent variable of religious system.What we must try to understand is Islam is comparatively a new religion (especially among Abrahamic origin). A new belief system had always had this kind of effect on believers. As we all know Christianity had this devastating effect on then existed pagan belief system on Europe and here in India as Hinduism began to narrow down as a religion(during Vedic era) it tried to tie down the believers proclaiming everything outside their system is spoilt. We might think that almost all of those Muslim nations are under dictators, why? it has everything to do with belief system, dictators like Gaddafi or Mohammed VI(Morocco) find it easy to unite people under them by the weapon of faith. People know they are wretched rulers but yet they are being manipulated by giving the drug called faith, that is why they put up with them, b'coz they fear wrath of god more than this. It is not easy to say who is the culprit, but still those who are being manipulated deserves consideration. 
          I never understood the rationality in saying one particular group of people are bad or worse. If you ask them why is it so? they might not have any good reason, stil they are sure. Most of the people are just followers, we like to follow, as we can see most of this social animals are designed that way. A particular person can be bad but a group of bad people, its utter nonsense. Then you may ask, so what about terrorists, who bombed many buildings and cities which caused the death of innocent people. They have their own rights and wrong (sex outside marriage  is more of a taboo in most Asian countries), one might think how is it possible? that is the problem with human mind, our mind make each one of us different in attitude and ideas. Some share same ideology, the only difference would be in its broadness (or narrowness of idea). A perfect example would be Karl Marx and Lenin. We all know that killing is considered as a bloody crime in every nation, but if killing is a crime then why not killing for your own country is not a crime?, what we do is killing, in both situation. Just take the instance of Tibet-China conflict, the self-immolations of Tibetans are continuously going ineffective. We may never know what would be their next step, may be terrorism, b’coz it also serves the purpose of revenge.
          We will never going to understand ourselves completely. We are full of contradictions. They define Prejudice as “ prejudgment based on membership in a group”. Prejudgment is so common in our life that one might attribute this mental attitude as a product of our past survival tactics as we evolved. What ever may the reason, it is sure that Prejudice is a globe which revolves around the axis called “self”. Prejudiced view is always an abstract or general view, which never has the backing of any kind of reason.  It is more like a feel rather than a fact. Tags: ,,,