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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art extravaganza in Kerala

I Welcome you all to our prestigious Kerala School Art Festival 2012(Kerala Kaloltsavam).

It is a one week grand festival kicked off at Jan 16th (From Jan 16 to Jan 22). It is a cultural extravaganza which showcases our state's various art forms and literature. It is a high school level competition (from high school to plus two). We have school level and district level competition before reaching this grand finale, where talents are at its zenith. It is a platform where you can can see upcoming talents in the fields of classical instruments and music, folk music, wide range of traditional dance forms of our country and also talents in literature. In a nutshell,it is a balance which weighs our state's talent in art forms and literature. It is the 52nd Kerala Art-Festival which is going on in Thrissur, the cultural capital and also world famous for our "Thrissur Pooram". The festival is monitored by the education department of the state. Here trophies are rendered district wise. All districts in Kerala participate in this cultural extravaganza. This year's festival is conducted on 9 different stages simultaneously.

"Kerala Kaloltsavam" was started in the year 1956-57 which was then only a one day program having about 200 participants. But today the scene is entirely different, today it is a grand 7 day festival having participants  around 10,000. Today the festival is conducted on multiple stages simultaneously. All the participants will be provided with breakfast, mid-day meal and dinner on all the 7 days.  By the end of eighties, they introduced rolling Golden Cup of 117.5 sovereign gold to the overall winning Revenue District. This was designed by Chirayankeezhu Srikandan Nair,an Art Instructor in Education Department. In the year 2000, Millennium trophy a beautiful dancing Nataraja(Dancing Lord Siva) trophy was introduced. The tradition of Kalathilakam & Kalaprathiba was dispensed with to eliminate unhealthy competition. But today reintroduction of Kalathilakam & Kalaprathiba is fiercely being debated.
Children playing with "Chenda"
If you are a traveler or a tourist it is one of the best time to visit Kerala, b'coz at this time you can get a crash course and have a kaleidoscopic view on Kerala's traditional art forms and literature.

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