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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Truths Kolkata-fire revealed

December 9 was a bad day for India especially Kolkata, one of India's first cosmopolitan city. A torrid fire outbreak consumed almost 89-90 lives in AMRI hospital, in South Kolkata. The cause of fire was found to be from the basement where highly inflammable substances were stored. AMRI, one of highly reputed hospitals in India didn't have enough fire safety measures, was a terrible revelation to the country. There were no harmonisation between fire fighting and security features. Not only that fire department officials were informed tardily and those were present there said, senior hospital members fled at the time of fire, very much for  evacuation strategy. People said all the windows and doors were closed shut, due to which they couldn't escape. Some of the nurses and those living in slum near the hospital did the primary rescue work till the arrival of firefighters. Two brave-heart female nurses lost their lives in rescuing patients, both of them were in their early twenties. They rescued 8 patients. Some ill fated died of suffocation, mental shock, and fire. Those two nurses died were the only bread winners of their family. One of  them managed to phone her mother during the frenzy, but at that time her mother never realised it was going to be the last time she was hearing her beloved daughter's voice. 

Courtesy: Indiatoday

Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee cancelled the licence of hospital and arrested hospital board members, but the question is, is it enough? Govt declared 2 lakh as compensation for the families of dead, but will it cover their loss? This situation opened up the reality of so called development in infrastructure. This is a clear indication of how these hospitals ignore basic safety features that should be incorporated with such institutions. Every building should follow a building codes for fire protection, life security and evacuation procedures. Don't be under the impression that India don't have Fire Codes and Byelaws for buildings, but the problem is in their strictness in execution.

One other word to our respected media. i think they don't find it as a relevant issue. For them it was just a breaking news, after two days its continuity is lost, so is the news value and medias stopped airing it. i don't understand how such a serious issue like this be neglected ? Availability of facilities in the field of life security and fire protection for patients in hospitals and buildings are  very much relevant and fresh topic that need debates, arguments and lot more study to be conducted. These media persons are forgetting their duty towards society, they are no different than any other entertainer, who are doing it for just money. They have a responsibility to make society understand issues and educate them with facts. But now a days all the news are just biased or opinionated.