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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why this KOLAVERI people, Why?

So much fuss over a song, i still don't get it, where is the problem? if you like it enjoy else ditch it. Yes i am talking about the love/sad song 'why this kolaveri di' (why this killing rage, oh girl) which has become the new mantra of youth in India. It also introduced a kind of chaotic type of lyrics which has both Tamil and English language. Traditional music lovers says it lacks beauty, elegance and emotion. But how could they say that, on what basis? Are they implying that all these people who enjoyed this song are all dumb-ass? There could be possibility, if it was something related to our reasoning and intelligence, but its music to enjoy it all you need is a heart. Yes, the song has kind of mixed emotions and crude lyrics, but even crudeness have beauty. Will you say hard rock is ugly because of its sound burst, no b'coz it has its own beauty likewise what about folk songs, they are also crude. 

Music has healing, soothing and solacing power. Our brain reacts in a very particular way to the music. Music is not just any random sound vibrations, it has a specific structure, pattern and rhythm. Basically human brain are same in structure so same areas of brain get activated during listening to music. But why different people like different music, well i guess it may be b'coz of our difference in mind, since mind is the electrochemical product of brain (simply put it is the overall product of brain). And why am i writing this scientific blah! blah! just to let you know that there are no set standards that such and such are the basic rules  for sound vibrations to be called music. There is only music, good and bad is relative to the listener. It is our basic nature to see pattern in every random thing that happens, ranging from superstitious beliefs to poetry. 

All i want to say to this people who had made a habit of opposing everything that is new is everything has its own place try something new and creative by enjoying it, open up your mind and heart to this change, nothing will happen, 'just sit back and enjoy'.