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Friday, December 23, 2011

Government vs People

I think our government has a different idea of democracy, in simple sense it is "majority rule" but in India, it is the other way around, the majority is being manipulated by a few political and business barons. Even common people are showing the tinge of this greediness for power and money. In our economy 50% (majority) of people are below poverty line and other 25-35% are middle class (upper and lower) and the rest includes this  millionaires, billionaires and political barons. And this les than 25% has a significant influence in almost everything that's going on in our country, they control "News", "Media" and even influence "bills" presented before Parliament. India Poverty NREGAGovernment and it's sermonizers till day were successful in making people believe Business and Industries are the only hope left,  anything that will animate business would be a boost to our country economically for that they start to present people with statistics,” game of numbers”, with the help of economists, which common men don't understand and get impressed by poor commoners like us. Even though statistics shows our economy is booming, in reality people of our country’s state (HDI) is really downcast. Our country is in a total mess.


We all know the fire and smoke "Lokpal Bill" brought in. Now no one knows exactly how many draft versions of this bill exists today. When people decide to fight against the current system of government, you don't need to be an "Amartya sen" or "Paul Krugman" to know that there is something wrong with the system. When govt. bemock us and so called intellectuals say we are not supposed to loose our calmness and we have to give our govt. space to make it up to us. But one thing they tend to forget is the whole time we were calm and quiet, we never reacted, not because we don’t care, or that we are selfish, that’s because we sadly hoped that the politicians would do their job decently. Every life has the right to react when its existence is in trouble. Democracy jan-lokpal-bill_1302282656doesn’t mean people should always have to suffer and bear. And not every revolt against government is treason. We can always raise our voice and act when it is needed. In my opinion a public uprising is needed in India as our politics has become some family business to those who had been there on top for a pretty long time that they don’t want to give away the power and incentives along with it. There is no point in debating about either “Ahimsa” or “Himsa”(Violence) should be the rightful way. People are different and no one is Gandhi. What we must have is to have a mindset to face this situation head-on and come through victorious.


Likewise, UID(unique identity), “Aadhar” as social security number in USA were also a total disaster. One main issue is more than half of the population is below poverty whose fingerprints are not stable and same with iris scan(due to malnourishment) and most of the people don’t even have any ration card and any identity proof. Other is a matter of privacy infringement. The govt. is not sure that they would be able to protect the private data of its citizens from other private corporate. They even admitted it. More over it is like a dog tag or a tattoo in a Nazi camp. If we don’t act today our future generations will have to bear the fruit of our cowardice. They will lookdown on us and say” if our antecedents have the guts to stand up against wrong we wouldn’t have to live in such a terrible mess”.