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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goliath vs David

What i had written under may not be factual or reasonable to others. This is just blurting out of my 5 second thought which came to me as a flash, that is why i have written it in one single para. So please don't get angry with this non-sense.

Humans are special, our intense desire to out live time made us innovative, creative, imaginative more over successful, in a sense. From the very beginning we tried to contain the time, the result was inevitable, time just moves forward. We just couldn't comprehend the fact that we would cease to exist after a particular time frame. It could have been at this moment of revelation that we, humans decided to tame the Goliath named 'Time'. Time always caught our fascination, it tricked us to beat it on the race. We painfully understood that physically (in material world) we cannot beat time. At last we, who are gifted with the special senses of self awareness, our own strange ideas of right and wrong , much more weirder morality, decided to make a small change in rules. We decided to win the race by our mind, rather physically . We understood the the fact that, our mind is what make us aware of time which is why other lower animals couldn't  grasp time as we do. What they do, are just instinctive and sometimes made out of habit. But we understand time, we analyze it, we calculate our time frame, in another sense we can say we predict our 'death' or our 'longevity'. The knowledge of death made us awry. We were sure, we are going to die, all those things we had done and attained through our years of living are going to end in a moment. No one will know, not even other fellow humans wouldn't be able to  know what their ancestors had done. We thought vigorously for a solution to this dilemma. At last we found it, yes that was it, that was the only way we could defeat 'time'. With all the blessings from 'evolution'(of brain) we started to record time, using our brain's fabulous ability, by creating 'language', the foundation of all the development we humans made through out. Using language we created wonders. We imagined things, nothing in this universe had ever done or heard of such a thing called 'imagination'.  We understood that with time ever moving forward, we loose our importance with respect to time. We took the 'time' head on with our another grand creation called 'God'. We noticed that everything seems dependent on time, like unexplainable timely lightning occurrences, coming and going of rain, occurrences of tides, happening of seasons etc. We were perplexed seeing the might of time, time controls everything or at least it seemed everything occurs in a particular time frame.  WE wondered whether there is something more powerful than time, who or which controls even time. That is how we came to be settled down with the possibility called 'God', who/which controls everything.