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Friday, November 4, 2011

Suffocating Julian Assange.....

In the walks of life you will always happen to see extraordinary people, doing extraordinary things. Why is it extraordinary, can't everyone do it? of course everyone can, but nobody would dare to, that's what makes it extraordinary. i think Julian Assange is one such man who deserve the title "extraordinary". He represents the "free world" where there are no classified files, no top secrets, where everyone has the right for information. Yes, there are many pros and cons for this, but still we can check overspending in the name of national security and violation of human rights.

Mr. Assange has now reached a blind alley, no the right words would be the big power players drew him to a blind alley. Legal actions against him are violations of human rights, i.e they are denying him freedom of expression. Now Wikileaks are forced to withheld its operation due to the financial blockade by Bank of America, VISA, Master Card, Paypal and Western Union. American government which lectures about the denial freedom of speech in China, North Korea, Venezuela etc mindfully neglecting their misdeeds. When wikileaks published documents regarding American foreign policies and their secret meetings they got agitated. Wikileaks torn apart the false masks of all governments and exposed their misdeeds. Around the globe more than 72% of people, including America, support Wikileaks. They can't force people from helping Wikileaks that's why they are blocking the medium through  which help comes. He pleaded for the help of all those people who cares. I don't understand when did consensual sex become rape. After all the accusations this is what they can came up with, a sex scandal, and they are extraditing him to Sweden, for saying truth. Most shameful and pathetic day of our history. Our world is going through a tough transitional stage. Power is shifting from a small group of people, who always thought they have some kind of hereditary superiority over others, to the common men. American government's double- facedness is chocking them. Their government is defiling the entire American nationality.

Major disclosures by Wikileaks

August 2007- Kenya Corruption
November 2007- Guantanamo manual
September 2009- Toxic dumping in Ivory Coast
April 2010- Killing of Reuters' journalists by U.S helicopters in Iraq
July 2010- Afghan war logs
October 2010- Iraq war logs
November 2010- Cablegate(U.S diplomatic cables)
March 2011- India cables
April 2011- Guantanamo files
May 2011- Pakistan cables

If this is what happens when truth is told, its high time we have to reinvent ourselves and our political systems.