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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Students can bring the change

I was surprised by the fact that Indian Newspapers are turning a blind eye towards the students protest going on in Chile. I don't know why they don't even mention this news till now. May they don't find it dramatic enough. What ever may be the reason, such student protests are relevant in our present day situation. 

First and foremost let me introduce you to this issue. Chile's average monthly income is 385$ and students had to spend 485$ as monthly tuition fee. So upon graduating they end up with a burden of debt. There 85% of the education cost have to be burdened by the citizen and only 15% is Govt.'s contribution, keeping in mind the fact that, Govt. has a duty towards society and education being the main obligation. Education of the young generation contributes to the health and welfare of the society. Here a 23-year old geography student, 'Camila Vallejo' arose as the face of the uprising. She along with other students are now protesting against govt.'s disregarding attitude towards education policy. They are organising protests for attaining a goal of free education to all.  As every where else, the govt. of Chile is blaming her for the perpetrator of protests. and accusing her a rogue and a spoiled child.

Now in this context, this student uprising is very much relevant in India. Here students are retreating towards themselves, they don't care for others, every thing is about 'me' and 'mine'. Students have a very big role to play in deciding country's future. And also the burden of fee on each student, for them to study in a reputed college or university is very high. Privatisation of education is to checked. Main concern of privatisation is, education becomes more and more like a business, though it should be a service. Students are tomorrows grown-ups and those who going to run and decide the fate of the country. So from the college itself we should develop an attitude of not to put up with injustice. We should react and try to make it right.
 It is our country, if we won't care who else would ?