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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Right or wrong?

Is violence justifiable by its cause?, a question which stands soaring after vast amount of  rational thought and endless debating. This is more of a philosophical question than practical. Some take the path of violence and some peace. Does a  man/woman who takes the path of violence becomes bad or immoral even if his/her aim is righteous? i know i am not the one who supposed to judge such great things, but i am forced to ask such questions as no one responsible in our society is giving much preference to it. Let's take the instance of Maoist attack, some take the side of Maoists yet some others side with Police, in Manipal, Indian Army has done things which violate human rights yet in that case too people took two stands. Whether its a Maoist or a policeman when some one dies the ripple of pain and suffering the death creates dissipates in the network of people related to that dead person. So definitely violence can leave scar on the face of society and its repercussions could be insurmountable. 

A man who want to bring goodness to the society chose the path of violence, is he just the same as a man who chose violence simply to attain his personal desires? is there no difference between them. I beg to think differ, b'coz what ever be the weapon, the weapon is only as bad or as good as the person uses it (we all know the saying that a weapon is only as good as the person uses it). It is the individual and his intentions which are the deciding factor, not the path. i am not justifying violence its just that some times it is necessary. Sometimes it is justifiable, if it is for the greater good of society.

Why can't we be much more liberal in attitude towards this issue. As we all know, each and every human being is different from one another but when certain issues like this we are obstinate of being settle with one solution, which each and every one of us think is right. We never try to see it from different perspectives. This is where we could use the help of great people (great doesn't mean, by their position but by their deeds) like Binayak Sen, Mahaswetha Devi, Abdul Kalam, Baba Aamte etc., whether we listen to them or not is another big issue to debate. My point being, people like this influence society in its development of  moral side, as people look up to them as intellectual or icons.