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Monday, October 10, 2011

Good-luck to our fellow Americans

Dear Americans, 

     We welcome 'America' to 'common people demand change' club. The whole world were in confusedness of Americans' don't care attitude. We thought as long as you guys can shop, drink coke and enjoy baseball you just don't care, how the world is being run. But now you proved us wrong by your 'occupy wall street movement'. We are happy to hear that, common men from all sector are taking part in this movement. You must not let your greedy corporate class take advantage of yourselves. Like the Arab spring we hope it will reform and revive the American nationality. Let it be any ideology, if it fails to please the common man it should be changed. 

     One important thing we cherish is that, unlike Britian, the protest were completely democratic. We all wish you guys the very best for the fight, in accomplishing your right. You too are tax payers, you people have the same right and dignity as the corporate big guns. Government should primarily prioritize its people needs rather than corporates, coz a country's identity is its common people, their culture is country's culture. We are sure of one thing that, if Abraham Lincoln is here, he wouldn't be so happy about the way things are going now (hoping that you guys still think he is the best president ever, at least we do).


Fellow Indians