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Monday, September 5, 2011

Start to think green

This topic has been boiling in my mind for a while. Its only now i have been able to put it out here. Climate change has been  named a real danger for past 200 - 300 years. Our increasing use of coal and petroleum products had already unbalanced the nature's balance of CO2, CH4(methane) and other green house gases. Although i am not a firm believer of," we humans caused the temperature fluctuations in the global  atmospheric system". But i admit the fact that we liberally donated to that already fluctuating system. Data from Antarctic ice cores reveals that from 600 to 1000 years temperature had been changing.

What may be the Reason?
Earth's temperature or climate as a whole had always been fluctuating. That is the reason why we had experienced warm, cool and ice-ages. Most of our climatic changes occurred in the past due to volcanic eruptions, solar winds, solar bursts and also b'coz of change in our planet's orbiting axis. Why it is saying that we increase the level of CO2 in atmosphere, while plants and other natural resources which release CO2 into atmosphere is not considered. Its b'coz plants and ocean can act as CO2 sink i.e. they consumes more than they release. But we can't consume our CO2 release and thus it is not balanced.  Moreover when the CO2 level increases it directly affects temperature level and also increase in temperature causes dissolved CO2 in ocean to be released(temp: increase is inversely proportional to solubility).

Possible remedies
Our consumption of non-renewable resources have been dramatically increased for the last two or three decades.Its high time we should check our use of private vehicles and take advantage of public transports. We should be more and more eco-friendly. In my opinion every citizen, however rich or poor he may be, should only own at most one vehicle. And secondly, private vehicles can use only on alternate days. Every second day should we use public transport. We should avoid printing office documents. Every office documentation should be made online. We could replace our craze for speed with craze for cleanliness and saving our planet, by adopting hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.
                        We say cities are getting away from nature, but cities are the future for human beings, if we want to save our planet. We should migrate to cities instead of turning vegetation lands and forests into villages. That way we can safeguard our forests and other animals' habitat. We can cultivate on the villages and live in cities. Now a days new techniques for farming and gardening in cities were introduced.
                     It is our responsibility to take care of the nature and other life on earth. It has become our responsibility now, b'coz we are the torch bearers of life on earth. We are now at the top of the food chain. Every other life is at our mercy. With great achievement and power, comes responsibilities which are also great.