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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Philosophy of Life

One fine morning it was; but unfortunately, it seemed to me like the same old,  endless marching of recurring events. But every one seems to be enjoying or so it appeared. Some say they enjoy busy life and calmness scare them, i don't know and  i possibly can't. Just imagine a situation, god appears and is offering a boon, what would you ask for? i would say, i wish  whether this world become so slow that we don't miss a moment. But, hey, i am just being rude and narrow-minded as there are lots of other people for whom life is a living hell. For them living every moment like the same way would be devastating.

Every morning i getup wishing what if the world is like a book, very well organised and like 'The Dorian Grey' of  William Wordsworth. To me death is very saddening in the sense that if any person enter into that particular realm, you are lost. You are no more a player, here in the drama called life, on earth, in fact you get promoted to play a role in much bigger arena called universe. Sometimes it seems life has a meaning sometimes its just a random phenomena. But hey, like Jean-Paul Sartre had told,"Everything has been figured out, except how to live". 

People say Love is everlasting. Even if you and me don't exist Love exists. Hey it definitely sounds good, but if you and me dies where does this feeling called love exists. I thought feelings are in our mind, or you could say its a mind-set. I never heard animals loved each other, yes most of them have attachments  but not that particular feeling what we call love. Hey i know, you are going to say i am wrong and why am i not surprised at all?

Every one is so engaged in this world that they forget to have that blissful moment where mind meets the soul or you can simply say serenity or calmness, where, you don't think about anything else, just  you and your fantasies. Your mind lead you to horizons where in reality you wouldn't dare to go or things you wouldn't dare to do. Our problem is we are trying to give over significance to ourselves, we are here for a purpose we have a destiny sort of things and what about other animals they are just side kicks. Why can't we just simplify our view by thinking ourselves as big group of primates living on every landmass on a planet made of rocks, like a colony of ant. Like us, ants inhabits almost every landmass on this earth.