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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indian Army's dwindling image

Is Indian Army starting to loose its long claimed good-naturedness. Now a days the news report says it is. Its not the first time a woman cadet is committing suicide (or looks like it), for some unknown reasons. Every time anyone seemed to raise the voice, he/she is subjected to court martial for occluding the discipline of army. The latest to hit the news is the suicide of sacked IAF officer Anjali Gupta. The point is why she chose to die now after all this years. She was doing a private job in Bangalore, was with her family; nobody can find a problem with her. And one more thing is that she too raised her voice against an army superiors for trying to sexually harass her. We didn't forget about Captain Megha Razdan's siuicide and Lt Sushmita Chakraborty's suicide. For spicing up the shame we have, Lt Gen A K Nanda, the Engineer-in-Chief who molested the wife of a Col. rank who was his technical secretary during a visit to Israel.

Like all Indian citizen i too think very high of the army. But one thing we can't forget is that, there are bad individuals in every profession and services. Good and bad is just two sides of humans. So we cannot completely dismiss army personnel (some not all) from being low-down characters. It is not the first time or the second time Indian army is at the gun point. There were a series of such cases. Of course there is no democracy inside army, it is not possible too as it compromises discipline, but that doesn't give superiors the right to deal with the subordinates in what ever way they feel right. Here in this case of Anjali they alleged that she did some financial irregularities. But the problem is with that embezzling amount which is only 1000/-. i mean just think, its common sense, why would any one put the reputation at risk for such feeble amount. It just don't add up. i am not trying to say that each and every incident is a crime, i am very well aware of the mental stress included and that some not able to withstand the stress and collapse.

Earlier 2007 CNN has reported some disturbing events, that CRPF supplied prostitutes for their personnel, but how much reliable that report was we don't know. Several Human Rights Agencies and UN had reported several, violation of human rights in Indian administered Kashmir. We all know whats happening in Manipur, if you don't i will give you a hint, "Irom Sharmila" ring any bells.

Its high time we should sanctify our army. Those officials who are responsible for the humiliation of our entire army and our country should be punished severely. We shouldn't allow the army to be sea of sin like politics is now. Army should be rejuvenated, old and deteriorating chauvinistic mentalities should cast away. Such stories lead to humiliation of our entire country for the sake of some pathetic, feudalistic individuals. Indian Army is not a barbaric, mindless machine which takes orders and execute. Indian Army is here to protect Indian citizens from outside source and from inside, not to protect the personal agendas of superior officers and politicians.