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The banyan tree

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From a socialist point of view

"the private and individual is altogether banished from life and things which are by nature private, such as eyes and ears and hands, have become common, and in some way see and hear and act in common, and all men express praise and fell joy and sorrow on the same occasions"
                                                                                                                              - Plato, The Republic

That was the seed which grew into a big tree which considered as the ancestor of Communism or socialism (of course there is difference in Communism and socialism) or simply, you could say a classless society, where people share all their property. Definitely today, it is an outdated concept in the mind of so called forward looking, advanced, and modern people. The problem now a days with people is they just gave up on thinking process, they would like someone else to do the job for them and they will follow. Everything now a days are self-centric. Main reasons why communists in India lost grip over young are: 
1. they(youth) have become ambitious, in a self centric way. They are not at all concerned about their responsibilities towards society. Patriotism and Fraternity has become trends, and made those ideologies hollow with out its real content, in a disgusting way that, you can see it is reduced to become just flashy words on top of their T-shirts.
2. priorities have been changed, as the middle class has become the driving force of the Indian economy, their needs and greed has become new India's priorities.
3. those who need help(poor working class) are still deprived. Even those who say themselves as communists have slithered away from the ideology.

How can they overcome such great obstacles? shouldn't it be their primary focus instead of getting vote?An ideology or an idea spurs into life only in a creative mind, you can't be a bad communist or good communist, only just communist. B'coz once you slid away from the ideology you are no more a communist. It is the same with any other ideology, say whether it be Buddhism or Christianity. Basically it is the people who are bad or good, yes of course, there are bad ideologies, but still it has to take its form in a human mind.

Why the difference?
In Kerala(at the tip of Southern most India) experts wonder why communism is a big success, where it almost changed the perspective of people towards life and politics. Kerala is the only freely, democratically elected Communist state in India. Why Keralites have the highest rate of literacy in whole India, why is it in Kerala, in South India for that matter, communal rites are very rare, is there a connection? If there is, then why is it that Kerala enjoys equality among its citizen in a considerable manner than its fellow communist state west Bengal? where feudalism still lurks. Both the states have communist influence, still something went wrong with West Bengal, what was that? In Kerala development is in a linear manner, may be the GDP is low but when growth happens it affects every aspects of the society. That is how development should be, it should not be about some GDP values. Mentality of people is  very much a deciding factor of the political environment. Here in Kerala, whether it be Congress or Communist both share socialist views. Kerala's dark past justifies this love for socialism. 

Is it that bad?
Many famous and successful entrepreneurs blame India's slow growth after Independence on Nehru's Socialist views, may be they got a point. But he was not that stiff in his approach, he was flexible. His approach gave a chance for Indian entrepreneurs to flourish. 
May be socialist view is not that bad, yes it has certain loop holes, which ideology doesn't?. They say entrepreneurs can sky rocket India in technological and industrial fields and they are right, we have a lot of examples. May be it contribute to the GDP of the economy but there are still poor and ignored classes of people who remain the same.