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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's happening?

We are living in a world of hatred. Don't raise your eyebrows when i say this, yes, i am right and i know what i am saying. Indian sub-Continent the land of unity in diversity, and the cradle of one of the oldest and greatest civilization in the world. This is the land which gave the world "Upanishads", the ocean of philosophical thoughts that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. It is here, great men like "Buddha", "Asoka", "Vivekananda", "Tagore", and "Gandhiji" once walked. But still we haven't changed, even if we changed that was only just for a small time after that we went back to the state we were then. Is it only our problem? or are the entire human race like this?

It seems we have only civilised in our outer surface, inside our thoughts are rotten and wretched. As our technology is skyrocketing our thoughts are running backwards. We call our selves civilised and yet haven't shown any sign of that. As we are scoring in the technological and scientific sides we are loosing it on our humane side. We quarrel with each other a lot. We kill each other in the name of religion, race, colour, ethnicity, culture, money, and god knows what else.

Can't we be saved from this hell?, well i guess not. Is this fighting tendency, a side effect of our big developed brain. Is it b'coz our brain find use in every junk and then we start fighting over. We are living in a cocoon of our own mental projections of this world. i dare to say this b'coz we have our own set of rules and our own ways, which is different from other lower order animals. Most of the common rules of nature was re-written or had to re-write for us, its mainly b'coz our brain couldn't make sense of such basic rules like eat to live and reproduce and then die.
One of our magnificent ability was,to imagine. We imagine a lot and no other animal could possibly do that. We used to say that humans have the capacity to think, that's how we achieved all we have today, but i would like to say that we imagined our way here.