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Friday, August 26, 2011

way to go Messi

Yesterday was a joyous day to all of Barcelona and Messi fans. The little man again did his magic on all 52 sports journalists who constitute the voting panel and won the best player in Europe award for the year 2010-11. The final three candidates were Christiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Xavi Hernandez. If you are a football lover and an analyst you might have known before the result have anounced that who was it  going to be?. But still i thought may be, may be the award would go to Xavi. But, hey,  don't think i am not happy with the result.

Before the award ceremony began FIFA showed a preview of it's charity works and donations, which they have been providing to the people of poor countries. And the awareness they trying to raise by using this wonderful game of "Football". They have set up many footballing centres for free in many African countries. And we all know that FCB is a promoter and partner of UNICEF, they donate a lot of money by playing, to charity works.

Christiano Ronaldo
Xavi  and Messi in Monaco

The award was given to Messi by the FIFA president and former footballing legend "Michele Platini". FCB's captain Carlos Puyol were also present at the ceremony. The award ceremony were at Monaco and today it is going to be FCB against FC Porto for UEFA Supercup in Monaco.

As an Indian i was amazed to see how cool and humble these guys were at the ceremony. No emotional bullshits only a smile. And one thing i noticed is that they all spoke in their native tongue except Ronaldo, which we can understand, from the former EPL experience. The show hosts were first asking in English and then in spanish. Both Messi and Xavi answered in spanish. We should be learning from them, as in our country if you don't speak English in a public appearance you are ridiculed. The attitude of people are very much different. In our country no sports personalities dare to speak in their own language, of course one reason is we have many diverse languages. But still just give it a thought before cutting me off.

Enjoy the show(FCB X FCPorto) every body, its at TenSports at 11.30 pm (IST)