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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elective Dictatorship in India ?

                Well done Congress, very well done, you thugs have proved to be the worst government ever. The fact that this guys are Indians (even though its a shame) make their demeanour much more wretched and pathetic than British empire. They say, there is a constitution and Parliament to deal with this issue, but one thing they forgot or they like to forget is that, the constitution and the government is for the welfare of the country. And by saying country we don't mean the buildings and the land, we the living, breathing Indians are its soul and we are the country.  They are there to serve the country, they only represent us, that doesn't give them the freedom to do anything they want with that power (actually its is not power its supposed to be responsibility) or use that power to serve their personal needs.

                  It is crystal clear from the reaction of the people that they support this bill, hence support "Shri Hazare" and all those who are dedicated to this cause. If this is what people want then so be it and who are they to deny that? It is not something related to a group or a sector of people, whole Indians are victims of corruption by those who were supposed to provide service to us. It is not government job it is government service. And those who don't understand the difference should be made understand either the soft way or the hard way.

                  The Congress is not trying to regulate the present situation as a governing body, in fact they are trying to save their face which is not possible now. If they are trying to save their image by admitting their wrong doings(The way they reacted to the Lokpal Bill and how their futile efforts to black-wash Anna Hazare and others related to it.), it would have been a commendable doing from the part of Govt. Instead they try to suppress us using iron fist. I hope no one in Congress has took after Indira Gandhi.

                  When a party forms a Govt. it is no more a just a party it transcends and becomes the saviour, recoverer, and the representee of the entire people of the country. So when they seemed to forgot that we the people of India should remind them their duty. If they don't seem to wake up from their dream we should act, peacefully if we can, forcibly if we must.

                                                  Jai Hind