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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Doctor's strike: ethical or unethical

                                               Should Doctor's go for strike? It is a complicated and a tricky question. If you ask this to a doctor or a medical student the answer would be why should'nt we? we also are workers like any other professionals, but are they? Is this Doctor profession like any other profession, isn't it something more than just profession? Don't they have certain responsibilities towards society, you can counter it by asking don't others have?, yes, but, don't you people have responsibilities which are far greater in magnitude than others. i am saying this b'coz doctors are the life-line of every society, say whether, civilised or uncivilised. They are more than professionals they are viewed as the personification of god, since they can help you with your health and life.
                                               When doctors go strike, it affects the society like none other. Doctor's call for strike can never be justified and moreover it is immoral, b'coz when they stop doing their job people will die. There will be lots of people to whom medical treatments be denied  b'coz medical students don't get nice accommodation or doctors pay-scale is not enough. What ever may be the reason they should always try to negotiate rather than going for a strike blindly. Doctors and their work, are something special and can't act without reasoning. It has become a usual thing that doctors go for strike for small reasons like someone attacked a another who unfortunately happened to be a doctor. They are not like some bus or auto unions. They have their own status, this status has been given to them by a long history of  doctors and physicians who happened to be good samaritans, who sacrificed their whole life for the health of public, some died, some came out successful.
                                                In a historic moment DMC (Delhi Medical Council) had declared that under no circumstances doctors could resort to strike. It is unethical and immoral. Moreover DMC stated that “doctors’ strike” violates the Indian Medical Council “Code of Professional Conduct, Etiquette, and Ethics, 2002″.