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Friday, July 15, 2011

Modern age Transactive Memory

              Transactive memory is the word of century. We are living in a world where every bit of information is in our pocket by the click of a button. Every one has heard of the story of "genie from the bottle", today this genie has taken the form of Search Engine. It is more like a god who will grant you any thing you ask for, sorry typed for. If i am not wrong voice activated searches are also ready to be launched or already launched.
             Our definition of intelligence is, how much a person know, in this case how much data can a person store in his/her memory, that is why we have iphones, smartphones, tablets etc, so that we don't have to store or remember in our brain. We always related intelligence with memory, which is not. By this definition today's gadgets can store enormous amount of data and not only that today they don't have to store any thing, instead storing is done in some place else and you can access it  from any where, every where. The entire encyclopedia is available to each and every person. Today we don't have to memorise any thing. Every data / information is one touch away.

           So you might think where does this transcative memory comes in, and i am babbling around saying unrelated things. No i am not babbling, today we are wired to external memory, instead of our own internal memory (brain cortex) i..e, internet. Every thing we need from a phone number to scientific experiment, we can get it from some ubiquitous server. In a way it is help in reducing an overload of our brain, but against one could say, in the long run,  it would eventually destroy our brain' capability  to retrieve and coordinate events or data.
              We always relate intelligence with memory. But in real intelligence is something productive and creative. It is something you can't define that easily but you can show examples. Of course memorising adds to intelligence, but it is not the only thing. Most of our education system is based on this idea of memorising, it is high time to change this. They should try to include more and more activities (projects). But of course storing information in your brain is very helpful in cross-referencing. So i am giving you guys a topic to think upon. Whether it is good or  bad doesn't matter. But the point is that every one should be aware of what we are doing and how deep are we in it.