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Monday, June 13, 2011

Please, let that man go in peace

I don't understand why is it necessary to blackwash someone who we don't like. Yes i am talking about M.F.Hussain. Yes, i don't know much about art, only thing i know is to look at an art and say whether i like it or not. There happened to be a hot debate whether what Mr. Hussain did was right or wrong? We always like to judge others. There are a lot of artists who make nude paintings, but of course that is not the problem, the problem lies in, "who you are depicting". If he had made a painting of an ordinary woman it wouldn't have been such a big issue. But it is our gods and godesses, it is definitely blasphemous, man, how could any Hindu with dignity could forgive this. Even if we killed him, it wouldn't be a problem b'coz it would be for the honour of our religion.

i don't understand how come our blood boil when any one say anything about our religion or gods but nothing happens when our fellow humans are torched or raped or human children are forced to do Mammoth tasks, which they couldn't bear. When our fellow beings are looted by the so called powerful people, we just sit by. We can't or we won't react, when something hideous happen to a being whom we can see and touch and feel. But we are ready to die for someone whom we have never seen. The only relation we have with him is from the stories we have been hearing from the moment we were born. It is useless to fight in the name of god and religion. It is a belief system, either you believe or not.

The problem is not the nudity it about what is it trying to convey. It could be good and bad, its all about the intention of the artist.. And one cannot blame Hussain for not being consistent in his emotions about nudity or for that matter any other emotions. Because it is this unpredictable nature of their emotional surge which gives them that flare to produce great piece of art. You can't possibly looking for consistency and facts in an art, it is all about exaggeration,imagination and creativity.