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Thursday, June 30, 2011

About India

India's global face is changing. India is considered as one of the biggest developing countries. India and China are the two giants in Asia Pacific region. Economic gurus says we hold the key to future. Our GDP growth is immense. Even in the time of global crisis we stood firm and it affected us in the least. Two days earlier Pakistan's Finance Minister confessed that they cannot afford to buy armaments as India do, even at war India could easily go on for 45 days. And recently India entered into the list of top-12, having an HNI (high net worth individual) population 12th largest in the world. We all know our respected ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said we could attain the status of a developed country i n 2020, if we plan our future commitments correctly.

But of course we have other side just like a coin. If we consider rural India the view is not so promising. People are migrating from village to cities in search of jobs. With agriculture promising no success at all, these people are forced to look for an alternative mean.However Govt. has organised and implemented certain plans like PMGSY, SGRY, SGSY etc. The main problem with our country's govt. for that matter people is that we don't do anything completely. we start with a bang then after some time the energy and momentum goes down. For these plan/yojnas to take affect we need to implement it correctly. Govt. should be always ready to react properly to the feedbacks from this yojnas.

In the past decade India had undergone a serious of changes in her attitude and culture. India became more and more globally acknowledgeable. We are now trying to cope with European and American economies as well as their culture. More and more economical ties with the other nations give you chance to mingle with different people with different culture. So as a result of that "cultural mingling "occurs. This definitely have its good and bad effects. We all know how much European culture affected our lives.

Our GDP growth may look promising but in real we have many areas which need proper look out. With more than 1.5 lack HNIs, our GDP would be looking cool, for sure. But the real India's soul lies in the commoners. As long as there are people suffering from poverty, illness, lack of proper education, we can't say that we are prospering.