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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's time to change our attitude

Osama bin Laden is dead atlast. Americans were cheering like, they have won the football worldcup. In their eyes bin Laden is the most dangerous and wretched person ever lived on this planet, probably second to Hitler. Osama was a bad human being there is no argument about that, but cheering and enjoying the death of a person, even if it is your enemy is not a healthy practice. If we enjoy and take pride in killing then what is the difference between us and a guy a like Osama; he took pride in his jihadi killings and we take pride in our revenge.
             Yesterday when i was going through the channels i happened to hear the official speech made by Ms. Hilary clinton, she said justice has been served and Osama had never valued human life. Were these Americans (American Govt. , not people) ever valued human life other than theirs. What did they do when they invade Panama, which was codenamed Operation Just Cause and nobody could forget what they did in vietnam.
                I am not saying this to defend Osama's bad and cruel deeds, what i am saying is it is not a good sign, in being happy, over someone's deadbody. The most important thing is that how could Mr. Obama let his force kill Osama bin Laden. He should have tried to bring Osama bin Laden alive. Mr. President always says that he is a peace loving person and he is a great admirer of Gandhiji.